Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The day was hot, up in the high 80s, with another week-long block of hot, dry weather facing the area, back into the 90s tomorrow. This draught is merciless. We are now 9” low for the year on rainfall. Nevertheless, the grass is still growing here and there, so Mick set out after Morning Offering for a very full day of work.

I started my morning by writing a note of courage to Gary, who came back to his admin desk after two weeks away. He let me know it was a helpful thing to see my message when he got to the L/L work later in the morning. Gary was still working at 8 PM when Mick and I came downstairs for supper! He really put in a full day.

I spent the remainder of my morning time finally finishing the editing on my interview with Marcia McMahon in March, 2006. It was good to get that finished and off to Ian for inclusion in our archives of interviews on the L/L web site. It had been a beast to edit, because of constant diacritical marks of an unknown kind to me that pervaded the copy, and because of Marcia’s style of conversation, in which half-sentences, non sequiturs and unfinished thoughts loom large. I tried to make her sentences whole and smooth out her thoughts for better reading. I edited out a bunch of totally extraneous “you know”s from my own words. I need not to use that phrase so much, you know?

In the afternoon, after a delightful repast with the Mick, I set out to start all over with Chapter 8 of 101, which last week had bogged down. My feeling was that I had not gotten the flow at all yet. I think it was a very good idea to start again, as the afternoon was quite productive and reading through it all again, I felt good about it at last. Halleluiah!

I did a bit of e-mail before closing up shop for the day.
• I sent Gary some thoughts on creating a Bub Hill archive in CD/hard-copy form for our physical library as well as in our computer files.
• I wrote Bob R, catching up on his news and asking for Anna H’s address in Norway. He had forwarded a letter of hers to me, but without her address, I could not answer her.
• I suggested to Romi some changes in our text concerning the webcasts of our channelings, to bring that information up to date and complete on our web site.
• I suggested to Gary some changes on the Homecoming 2007 link on the HomePage to put that to bed, with full information on the curriculum and quotes sections for those who want to review those study quotes. I also requested that he add any remaining photos from Bob R's collection into the Camelot Journal entries for those Homecoming dates.

Jim and I had a lovely, quiet evening watching a block of Star Trek Enterprise episodes, having dinner together and offering the Gaia Meditation with Gary. Mick gave the ending prayer. Mick and I bade good night to Gary as he headed off to Valerie’s for the night and then came upstairs and snuggled with the cats. We turned out the lights at 11 PM.