Sunday, September 09, 2007


Still feeling very sluggish and somewhat faint, I napped in my chair after Morning Offering, listened to a video of Luciano Pavarotti which Rick had e-sent me and collected a couple of recipes before lunch.

Mick and I enjoyed lunch together and did our stretching exercises. Then he gave himself the gift of a Saturday afternoon watching football, instead of going out to tend to our yard and gardens, as he usually does. I sat with him for a while, reading, then came upstairs and worked on 101, Chapter 8, moving into the second section now and talking about what hinders communication.

Carmen came just as I was closing down for the day and asked to volunteer, but the next job on my list of tasks for Carmen needs me to be there too, and that was not a good idea today, so I encouraged her to browse our library and read, which she loves to do. She went out to the arbor and enjoyed the cooler afternoon – only 88 degrees F today – while reading.

Mick and I bathed and dined with Carmen and then set up for the first public meeting of this year. Romi arranged the microphones and did the things he should do on his computer to be sure our little chat room was up and running so people could take part in our session by tuning in. Oddly, we get most of our extended circle of seeking from overseas!

It was interesting that the group question today, asked by Carmen, covered the topic on which I am currently writing in the 101 book. I wish I had the transcript of it right this minute! It is so apropos.

Romi’s brother is in town this weekend and so he did not stay to make his Love Tea after the meditation. Carmen did the honors, and her love tastes good too! We enjoyed Romi’s shortbread and her tea and Carmen and I both read our books peacefully while the Mick man enjoyed the riches of ESPN during the football season. Football is his favorite sport, and he greatly enjoys following college ball. Not so much pro ball, until the play-offs. Both of our alma maters, U of LOU and U of NE, had good weeks. However the Michigan Wolverines, after their worst loss in 39 years last week to Appalachian State, lost again. I encouraged Mick to send a note of sympathy to one of his customers, Sean, whose alma mater is Michigan.

Carmen said good night at about 11, and Mick and I, both wakeful after the channeling, kept the TV on and patted kitties until about 12:30 AM.