Saturday, September 08, 2007


While the temperature continued to soar, after Morning Offering Mick set forth to mow his Friday people alone, Gary being in Peru. However it worked out perfectly for him. He had a good day, even finishing ahead of time. This was due to the draught. He touched up his lawns and made them look pretty, but almost no one needed a full mowing job today. So he ended up finishing the maintenance on his equipment and putting it all to bed for the weekend in plenty of time to do some errands and welcome our guests, Eric and his Mom.

One of the errands was to pick up the remainder of our copies of A Book of Days. We are all set now to offer them for sale. Mick and Eric got them all settled in our basement inventory shelving. They exactly fit in the space Mick had created for them. This book makes a great present, and I am tickled that we have them in good time to offer in our fall newsletter.

I spent the morning catching up e-mail. I tried to solve a persistent problem I have been having e-mailing Melissa. Sometimes her mail goes through just fine. Sometimes it hangs up. I hope I have solved the mystery by deleting one of her two entries in my Contacts software. I re-sent five e-mails to her that have been sent and kicked back over the last week or so. Nothing there is urgent, just FYI items.

I wrote to thank Doris for her extremely positive report on Jim’s work for her sister. She says her sister is ecstatic, and her grand-daughter likewise. Mick took down the overgrown shrubs keeping her from seeing into her next-door, best friend’s window!

I wrote to thank Lorena L for her “Who Am I” document – I asked all the Homecoming attendees to create one for me, reprising their closing talks there and Lorena is the second person to send me one.

I thanked Don N for sending us the right FTP protocol for sending items to BBS for broadcast and let him know that the intro and outro pieces had been sent successfully. We have our first L/L public meeting of the season tomorrow night and it’s good to know that all is ready.

I let MJA know that I last heard from Elihu on August 25th. She is concerned, as he is usually more in evidence. Here’s hoping he is just on vacation!

I sent a thank you note to Steve M, who is going to gift us with a CD, “Om Deeksha”. He offered it in thanks for the Homecoming, and all the work Gary and I put into the preparations for that. What a lovely gift! I cannot wait to hear it.

I sent Rick a Kentucky Report in response to his Maine Report. He just froze 4 gallons of beans after picking, cleaning, frenching and cutting them to bite-size. He also reports planting late crops of bib lettuce, peas and field greens, and starting to see his gourds mature now.

Bub Hill, who channels Joshiah, wrote to thank me for “lending” him my transcribers list so he could ask for help in transcribing his sessions. Bub is genuinely puzzled that people like his work. He says he’s not that spiritual, and the information is already out there from other sources, like our work at L/L. I encouraged him to continue, as each voice reaches its own people. Our web guy, Ian, has also set up a web site for Bub and Joshiah. Its e-address is

I thanked the Ryan’s Well Foundation for permission to tell Ryan’s story in 101, and promised that we’d correct grade 2 to grade 1 in the text.

And I wrote Dave G to let him know we were in receipt of his questions for Q’uo and ready to share his session this evening.

That got my e-mail down to manageable proportions. I shall probably answer the rest of the mail tomorrow morning.

I had a good lunch with Mick and then worked in the kitchen, as we do not have enough food for our guests tonight. I scrubbed up some potatoes for baking, got a dip ready for starters, sautéed some fresh zucchini with herbs and made a white sauce for the peas. We have plenty of barbequed chicken. Unfortunately, my body did not react well to the standing work and I had to spend most of the rest of my work time recovering, feeling very faint and ill. It occurred to me that this is one of the ways I get tempted away from my writing – feeling that I need to attend to other chores first. And yet how can it be wrong to put on a good feed for guests? It’s a puzzle.

So I did not get to my writing today. I did have enough energy to edit, however, and so finished another session in the sixth weekend of Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues. I got that off to Barbara so she can edit Aaron’s part of the dialogue.

Our guests arrived at 4:45, and we enjoyed visiting with them. Eric is Jim’s neighbor from when he lived the simple life in Marion County, Kentucky. It is so good to catch up with old friends! And Eric’s Mom is wonderful! She is 86 now, but sharp as a tack and full of fun. She watches C=Span, which I consider the act of a politically minded saint!

Mick and I snuck in a bath, and then we all had the feast we’d prepared. The visit ended a bit early because of the channeling sessions scheduled for Dave at 7:30. I tuned and we had a good session, I think. He was asking about his grand-daughter, who he feels is an Indigo Child. They confirmed that and went on to expatiate in what I hope are helpful ways to Dave.

Then Mick and I had a sweet tryst, sharing energy that we hope is an offering to the one Creator as well as buckets of fun for us! We opened our door to the kitties and ended the day snuggling with them. We turned out the lights at midnight.