Tuesday, September 04, 2007


The Monday after a weekend L/L Gathering held at home is usually taken up with that Gathering’s final needs, and this Homecoming was no exception.

I spent the morning, after Morning Offering, saying good bye to the guests we had hosted in our home, having final heart to heart conversations and cleaning around in the kitchen. It was humorous to me to note that the cabinets I had hoped to get cleaned out before the Homecoming, which held storage containers and paper products such as plates and cups, got cleaned out by me in the process of my putting things away. I ended up on the floor, refrigerating the sodas and beers that had gone unconsumed.

Bob R picked me up for a delicious lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s, where exists my favorite burger of all time, their prime burger. Then we went up to Avalon, where Bob gave Melissa a fish dinner he’d ordered take-out from RT’s and had a tour of the farm. Melissa is about two thirds finished with her chicken coop now! It is all framed up. Bob also pulled out some watermelon and blueberries that he’d kept in his cooler during the weekend for motel noshing as well as some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Bob and Melissa had a feast! I was too stuffed from my burger to dine further and sank into a most pleasant doze on the breezy back porch of Sugar Shack. Bob went on a walking tour of Avalon, using Melissa's map. And Melissa wielded a chain saw, working on the chicken coop.

Arriving home around 7 PM, I bade farewell to Bob after he downloaded some photos of Avalon he had taken and made himself some sandwiches to take with him on his drive back to Ohio, where he lives.

Jim and I were suddenly alone in the house, after a very people-packed weekend. We enjoyed a small dinner and the Gaia Meditation and spent the evening watching a block of Star Trek Enterprise and snuggling with the cats. We said good night at 11 PM.