Tuesday, August 28, 2007


After Mick and I made our Morning Offering, he started his mowing day for Jim’s Lawn Service. The recent day of rain has the grass growing and all his customers needed their lawns trimmed up.

I started my morning by recycling last week’s turkey breast. We had some good left-overs, so I got Mick to get all the remaining meat off the bone before he left, and I made curried turkey salad for my lunches to come. I spent the rest of the morning editing the channeling session from the Mackinac Island Gathering. It was an interesting session, concerning our relationship with our sun.

We got to spend our lunch “hour” together, a brief one as Mick was on the run, trying to accomplish his JLS work day in time to give some time to plantings in the yard, which feat he accomplished, planting all the new flowers, except those intended for our living altar circle, that he had acquired to fill the holes in our yard due to summer die-off of some of our oldest plantings. This extreme weather has killed off quite a few things. Mick says he will finish making his replacement purchases and will plant those too, tomorrow.

Meanwhile I finalized Chapter 7 of 101! I read through the 23 pages of text, tinkering a little here and there and ending with a chapter I really like. Only one thing spoiled the calm of the afternoon, and that was my own clumsiness. When I closed out the file of Chapter 7, I inadvertently hit “No” when the software asked me if I wanted to save my changes to the file. OUCH! Fortunately, I had just printed out the finalized copy, so after our bath, Mick and I came into the office and he read me the whole chapter, enabling me to recapture my final editing changes in the easiest way possible. THANK YOU MICK! it would have been slow work alone, as the changes were mostly very small and hard to find.

Gary worked on the format changes to the Homecoming quotes, dividing them into "For Discussion" and "For Further Study" prior to putting them in the attendee packets, although he took time out when my new air conditioner unit came to install it in my bedroom. Ah! I will sleep much cooler tonight!

It was a Star Trek Enterprise block night, which we greatly enjoyed as we dined on Gary’s latest cooking – delicious fish, a beautifully seasoned corn and zucchini dish and baked potatoes. We eat very well around these parts! And I do love to eat! After the Gaia Meditation, we drifted upstairs to enjoy the new coolth and said a most fond good night at 11 PM.