Wednesday, August 22, 2007


This was the day we broke the local hot-weather record! We have had 23 days of above-90 F heat in a row! The old record, which had stood for 75 years, was 22. And forecasts indicate we will break this record not by one or two but several days, as the sizzling August days move on.

in view of this lingering and massive heat wave, Gary has been arranging for an air conditioning unit for our outdoor Homecoming meeting tent, plus a fourth “wall” so that we can contain and preserve the cool air. The renting agency has promised to call back, but has not yet, so we shall have to make every effort tomorrow to secure that rental! It looks as though we shall need it. We also have fans to move the air inside the tent once it is cooled.

After Morning Offering, Jim took his Fierce-laden jugs of frozen water and set out on his morning’s work in the blazing sun. I spent the morning preparing the yellow-ray quotes for Homecoming and catching up with some e-mail. I’d heard back from Ron S, who for years had a website for wanderers, linked to our site. His site had gone missing last year. He wrote to say that his e-mail was in deeply troubled shape, which was why I could not reach him, and also to say that he had to take the wanderer web site down for reasons of his ill health. His perky attitude in the face of advanced diabetes was heartwarming. I wrote to thank him for all he has done for L/L through the years.

There were about a dozen friends to whom I sent catch-up notes, responding to their various bits of news and views, before Jim called up to say he was home for lunch. What a treat! We enjoyed the time together.

I am sorry to say that after Mick left for his afternoon of work, I fell fast asleep in my office recliner and missed most of my intended afternoon’s work. I suppose my little a.c. unit in the office cools me down to 85 or so up here, and there is a pleasant breeze from the overhead fan, but I think the heat got to me. I woke up miffed at myself! I managed to do a bit of work on Chapter 7 of 101 before bath time.

Gary worked very hard today at the admin helm, firing off about 40 e-mails and inserting photos in my blog entry for the Mackinac trip. Bob R wrote Gary to say that he is sending the photos he took, and Gary’s hoping that Bob’s images will fill some holes, so that people looking at the entry can get a better idea of it all. It ws such a landmark gathering!

Mick and I came upstairs for a lovely tryst after our bath, tuning into each others’ energy and playing together as we crafted our gift of fun and natural polarity for the Creator. We have gone from our youthful rompings, a quarter-century ago, to a much more refined version of energy exchange as we have aged (especially me!) and yet the power of our times together only grows as we gain mutual life experience.

A good supper, the Gaia Meditation, at which I offered the ending prayer, and a block of Star Trek Enterprise filled our eyes and ears until bedtime at 11 PM.