Wednesday, August 08, 2007


What a day! Our local record for high temperature fell, as the area’s heat soared to 101, breaking the record of 100 which had stood for 76 years – since 1930. Our night-time low seems set to break a record also for highest low. And the forecast predicts another rash of records falling in the next two days as our heat wave continues. I just pray that the ones most often taken out by heat – those elderly poor who feel they must barricade themselves into their urban homes to prevent being victims of theft – may survive this period. I doubt that anyone within this large area of massive heat would debate the reality of global warming today. We set a record last summer for the number of days in the season over 90, and that record is also falling either tomorrow or the next day.

And Barry Bonds broke Hank Aaron’s record for career home runs by making his 756th dance around the bases to home plate against the Washington Nationals at AT&T Park. That record had stood since 1972, when Hank Aaron swiped it from Babe Ruth. It was moving that Aaron had given a message to Bonds which was played while he stood there and cried openly. He got a ten-minute ovation from the crowd.

I feel really sad for Bonds, even in his triumph, because of the drug-testing he has refused. Looking at the massive upper body of this guy, it is easy to assume that he has indeed used illegal steroids to "bulk up". His repeated refusals to be tested have added substance to this assumption. So, like Pete Rose, whose fault was wagering, he will probably never make it into baseball’s Hall of Fame.

After Morning Offering Mick sailed off on his knight-errantry, his beau geste being the beautification of his customers’ various lawns. I am thrilled to say he did well, thanks to the copious amounts of water and Fierce which he poured through his body. After a day like this one, he weighs less than he weighed in high school!

Meanwhile I reluctantly begged off writing my UPI column today, as I needed the time to finish preparations for my talks at the L/L Research Gathering in Michigan. That cleared my day, except for taking my dear Stanley Subaru to be serviced early in the morning and picking it up after Mick finished his work for the day.

I worked my way through the 36 pages of quotations I had collected in order to saturate my mind with the Confederation information on the planetary shift on or around 12-21-12 in the morning, creating a rough outline for the speech after labeling each quote according to the gist of it.

After lunch, I finished creating the basic outline, needing only to insert the quotes which I would use in the actual presentation. Before I chose those quotes, I wanted to thin down the number of quotes and create the same kind of hand-out for the attendees as I had for the Inner Shift speech.

However that hope had to be abandoned. Traveller Too froze up, so that nothing worked, not even the right-click on the bottom bar which closes applications. I waited for three minutes to be sure the auto-save feature had kicked in – I have it set to auto-save every minute – and rebooted the machine.

All was going well, with the auto-save feature showing my documents. I selected them and saved them and also told the auto-save window to stay around in case I wanted to look at the documents there again. And then the high strangeness factor kicked in. When I reopened the outline, it was blank. And the auto-save window was nowhere to be found. Gary worked on the problem for a good hour before he reported no joy. My work had disappeared. I had to begin again.

I did a good bit of inner work this afternoon! It felt like a really good psychic greeting, and the aim of such resistance is not only to slow one down but to discourage and sour one’s attitude. So I kept moving to a place of inner thanksgiving whenever the aggravation of the moment began to get me down. Blessings come in many forms and at the end of the day I had reconstructed the outline for the speech, and, I believe, improved upon it a bit.

So my day ended well, but I did lose the time. I shall now have to work on the quote selection for the hand-out and also for my Outer Shift speech tomorrow, when I had hoped to have the day to talk the speeches through. I think this to be a minor problem, however, for at the worst, I shall simply not get to present all my material. That’s my biggest fault as a speech maker. I love this information so much! And so I generally put too much into my talks, not really getting to all my material.

Before I left my desk – well, I actually work these days in my chair, with the computer on my lap, to avoid making my shoulder problem worse, but the recliner is in my office – I sent Gary the best date for a channeling for Dave G. I also sent him the Inner Shift hand-out quotes which he had sent me for review after reformatting, adding one quote, so that is now finalized. And I asked him if he would send notice to our mailing lists that we will be webcasting my two speeches at our L/L gathering on Mackinac Island via BBS Radio. Lastly, I asked Gary – who is clearly a serious work-horse – to write a note to all our local meeting attendees, letting them know of our schedule change. We are holding the public meetings this year at 8 PM on Saturday rather than 4 PM on Sunday.

Mick and I bathed and relaxed for a while, and then it was time to tune for a channeling session for Gary, the “work horse” who mans the helm at L/L Research. We had a good session, I think. He was asking about the dark night of the soul or “The Purgative Way”, and how to work through it skillfully.

That took us to the Gaia Meditation, after which we dined and conversed for a while about our upcoming journey before saying good night. Mick and I enjoyed our kitties and each other and sought our beds at 11 PM.