Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Today is the last of July until next summer! How could my birth month pass so very swiftly? That baffles me! It certainly acted like July today! The summer heat was intense, with high humidity making the outdoors a sauna while the draught causes the mowing to be dusty work for Mick.

After Morning Offering, Mick set out for his long day of mowing and clearing – he has been fortunate in getting a substantial number of non-mowing jobs this summer which have enabled him to work every day in spite of most of his yards needing cutting only half as often as usual. The only problem is that clearing and painting, power-washing and stone work are much more labor-intensive than riding Thetis, his riding mower, or standing on a velky and riding behind Suzie, his smaller mower, which he uses for close-in work where the narrower width of the cut is needed.

I struck out on finding him salt tablets, so brought back “Fierce”, which promises to balance the electrolytes by restoring potassium and sodium salts lost by perspiration. Jim tried putting a quart of Fierce in his gallon water jug and said he felt much better at the end of the day! This is good stuff!

I spent the morning and the first part of the afternoon on the UPI column for this week. I decided to write about faith, which the column last week encouraged people to use. However it came to me that most people are a little lost about how to have faith, if they do not already feel it. So I followed up with thoughts on that sweet subject, about which I enjoyed writing. I found a particularly apt Hatonn channeling from 1981 and quoted several passages from it.

The rest of the day was spent on editing the rough draft of the Minutes of our L/L Board meeting. Gary had done a great job of combing through the notes and listening to the recording of the meeting, and he had all the facts, ma’am. It only remained to organize the writing better than our actual meeting had been organized! We had talked back and forth in the actual meeting. So I got all the bits on each subject into one place. It will read more smoothly that way.

Mick called bath time and we enjoyed a refreshing whirlpool and then an hour or so of relaxation before Romi came over to join us for Terry H’s personal session. Terry is a stout friend of L/L Research who has translated Books I through IV of TLOO into Chinese. He also heads a LOO study group in Taipei. The questions came from both him and his group.

It was a good session, I think, although there were several questions which were a bit more specific than the Confederation sources like. They would much, much rather talk about spiritual principles than comment yet again about what will happen in 2012. When a question is fear-based, it just does not feel right to me. We did not get to all the questions, which is no surprise. Terry had sent along about a dozen questions, some of which would take a whole session to explore in depth. However I think we got six or seven of them asked.

Romi made his famous Love Tea afterwards and we enjoyed dinner and the Gaia Meditation before saying good night to the Ro Man at 10 PM and coming upstairs to snuggle with the cats before lights out at 11.