Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I had a night broken by many awakenings to what seemed to be a head full of voices, thousands of them streaming through. I thought to myself, this is the result of the activation of the grid on the 17th. And this will probably continue for some days. I do not think they were actually speaking. There was no conscious, intelligible information sent. It felt more like streams of emotions. I pondered that as I rested between “naps” all night and decided that I would break my Difference Makers series again this week and write about this phenomenon for UPI. These are interesting times!

After Morning Offering Jim left for an overly full day of mowing, as a former customer called him with an emergency need for cutting their sizeable spread. Mick is never one to refuse a kindness if he can possibly accommodate someone, and so he skipped a sit-down lunch and ate while he drove over to Crestwood to help out Dixie and Rock.

Meanwhile I came upstairs to my bowered office to write our web guy concerning several points. I was happy to tell him that Jon G has sent us a finished audio dub from Wooded Glen 2005. I sent Gary a note asking him to discuss with Jon what happens next with the Hunziker footage, as Jon currently has those videotapes as well.

Ian reported that our cover artist for “Book of Days”, Michele M, has now sent him the final art work for the back and front covers! That’s the final necessity! He should now be able to ready the project for the printer and send it off! Good news there.

I reported to Ian that we have shipped him a copy of my unpublished manuscript, “Voices of the (nee Gods) Confederation”. This is a collection of channeling by subject which contains the sessions where Don, as senior channel, was teaching me to channel in the same way I, as senior channel, will be teaching our channeling circle next year. Don’s channeling was excellent and this is our only collection of it, as when he taught me, he stopped channeling permanently. I am so glad Ian is interested in putting this work, which I created in 1975, up on our site as an e-book.

I also assured him that I am glad to write an introduction for another ongoing project, the Brown Notebook, when that is ready.

I spent the morning slimming down my reference pages for the Mackinac Island talk I will give on behalf of L/L Research, on Inner Shift. The material remaining is most inspiring and I look forward to sharing this wonderful, hopeful and faith-filled material with the attendees there come August 10th.

I enjoyed the rest of my steak from my birthday dinner for lunch – I got four meals out of that delicious cut – and consulted with Pam, who had come over especially to create a financial report for the Board meeting this next Wednesday. We really do not have good categories which break down our contributions as to donations for material, donations without receiving anything, meetings fees, et cetera. We agreed that she would create those categories at the change of the fiscal year on January 1st, 2008. Meanwhile, during the meeting I’ll take notes on any questions asked about the financials, hoping to hone our ability to pull these reports out of the QuickBooks software.

I spent the afternoon working on Chapter 7. I worked through the first part of the chapter again, enlarging it to six pages and changing something in almost every sentence until it seemed to flow really well. One more read-through tomorrow afternoon to confirm today’s work and I should be able to press forward into new aspects of the heart chakra discussion.

At the end of the working day Gary, who was manning the L/L helm this afternoon, arranged with me for an appointment time next week for a counseling client.

We also settled on the idea of renting a tent – they call it something else since it is more a roof than a real tent, but it has roll-down sides in case of rain, and lights – for our Homecoming 2007, over Labor Day weekend. We have capped the attendance at 28, and that number should easily fit in the tent Gary found to rent. It is expensive! But we are charging a fee for the weekend, and the income from those fees should cover this cost and also the cost of our food, except for the two meals we eat out at Hometown Buffet. The logistics of preparing hot meals for 28 people out of our home kitchen and storing it were too daunting to consider, so our suppers will be eaten at a restaurant!

Mick called bath time and we had a lovely, quiet evening, enjoying a block of Star Trek Enterprise episodes, a late supper and the Gaia Meditation. We turned out the lights at 11 PM.