Friday, July 20, 2007


What a vivid day weather-wise! We started out in a steam bath and ended the day a full ten degrees cooler with storms, during which we did not lose power. That was odd, since we have lost power twice this week when there was no storm on which to pin the blame. After Morning Offering, Mick set out to get everything done before the rains came, and succeeded!

I spent the first part of my morning dickering around with my software. A glitch I do not understand was erasing my text in the middle of this week’s UPI article. The deletion showed up on the UPI site as well. I tried copy-pasting the missing text but it would not copy. So I began retyping it. About three paragraphs into the typing, all the attempts to copy worked. All of a sudden I had four full pages of the same six paragraphs over and over and … Argh! In the event, the missing text got where it needed to go.

The permission had come in from Sierra to exchange my blouse, and I printed out three separate documents for that return.

Pu wished for me to write her a recommendation, but she had not given me the information I needed so I went through the job description and targeted those facts I needed to make her look her best. The work is as an international coordinator for a peace charity organization and she would make a good thing of it as she learned the ropes, so I can honestly praise her skills. However she is not an experienced career woman at this point, having shunned working at lesser jobs. So I shall need to emphasize what she HAS done, and for that I need more data.

And our web guy and I wrote back and forth about the Book of Days project, which he now sees coming to a close as soon as Michele sends the remaining 2/3 of her art work for the cover, and also about personal things. He is a solid, good friend and I greatly appreciate our relationship, which began back in the late ‘80s and has resulted in the archive site we now have, as well as our lifelong friendship.

I pondered my first Mackinac Island speech in late morning, leafing through my trusty hymnal, as I wish to use that sweet “trick” of doing some a capella singing threaded through my words in order to engage both sides of my listeners’ brains. The first talk will be on the inner occurrences of this shift and the material is inspirational in the extreme, a perfect fit for the singing.

After a Big Honking Burrito lunch, which Gary most kindly made for me as well as himself - he makes very healthy food - I worked on Chapter 7. I achieved the first draft of the initial two sections but neither section satisfies me yet. The basic thrust of the flow of the chapter is right but I will tinker tomorrow with it in the afternoon to clean it up.

The storms came as the afternoon waned, but Mick had finished early and was under roof in the garage during the rain, doing maintenance on his machines, rather than getting soaked as he sometimes does – our land is in draught despite these small summer storms and often he can mow just fine while it is raining, as the ground is soaking up all the rain and not hindering the mowing by clumping the grass. So he often comes home wet on a storm day!

How beautiful was the smell of the rain! I am a city girl, and when the hot road surface begins to accept those first big drops, it creates an odor compounded of dust, hot tar and rain, which delights my senses and awakens nostalgia. The smell takes me back to childhood, where I so often rode my bike through the beginning of summer storms and inhaled that aroma with delight.

My darling husband is very romantic lately and we romped in the fields of the Lord after our bath, exchanging sexual energy as well as firing on all chakras, balancing our energy bodies and praising the Creator. I am constantly amazed at my good fortune. We are in our sixties. I have always heard one’s sex life is over by then. I praise the Creator that mine is not, for I honestly believe that my health is far better because of the energy Mick transfers to me during these times. He is equally sure that the inspiration he receives as I receive his physical energy keeps him on track spiritually. My contemporaries, the girlfriends I so dearly love, sometimes do not have this resource available, so I know how lucky I am.

Mick and I napped after our date until suppertime, and then offered the Gaia Meditation, with me offering the closing prayer. We ended the evening with our favorite pastime, snuggling with Pickwick, Chloe and Dan D. Lion while watching vedge TV. It sets us up for a good night’s sleep. We turned out the lights at 11 PM.