Tuesday, July 10, 2007


The heat was near 100 F in the afternoon today, and even at 7:15 it was dusty and hot on the ground while feeling damp in the air. We are spoiling for a storm tomorrow, so I hear. A deer has now eaten almost every day lily we had in bud or bloom, but the yard is left awash in Sweet William.

After Morning Offering, Mick vanished, coming back at sunset with seven mowing jobs done, including one at a distance. I worked on the quotes for 2012, garnering the information from TLOO books. Tomorrow I need to write my UPI article, so I look forward to finishing the 2012 search Wednesday.

In the afternoon I completed my search on green ray, getting about 26 pages of good quotation material. Chapter 7 is in the wings! Gary and I also talked about the upcoming Board meeting, which he now has scheduled. He also informed me that we have two matching donors for the webcast! This means that they will split the cost of the webcasting for the nine months of our next season, September through May 2007-8, between them. We’re all set! Steve E feels that ShoutCast is a better product for holding our chat room than PalTalk, so we will switch to them.

I felt substantially better today, recovering my previous level of manageable discomfort. Except for during sexual energy exchanges with my beautiful husband, I have not felt comfortable in years! However, I put that down to resistance from energies in this creation which would like to put out any light they see shining on earth. I carry that light and it comes through me when I write and channel, in outer manifestation, and hopefully radiates through my being all the time, or at least most of the time. I figure the discomfort is the price of serving as I do, and I gladly pay it.

Jim and I had a lovely date and a powerful energy exchange after our bath. A block of Star Trek Enterprise episodes was on and we have greatly enjoyed catching up with all the episodes we missed the first time around. Tonight was no exception. Then we came downstairs for dinner and the Gaia Meditation, with Gary offering a powerful prayer at the end.

Gary had seen an anchorman on MSN.com deliver a very scathing indictment of Bush and Cheney and he showed the video clip to us after meditation. Keith Olbermann offered an opinion which I share, which is that Bush and Cheney need to resign. His reasons were compelling and I was so happy that a mainstream source like his, and a station such as his, had allowed this editorial to be aired. He recapitulated the various lies and cover-ups now widely known – the lies about Hussein and AL Qaeda that put our armies in Iraq and all the rest. It is a splendid editorial which I will bet got a whole lot of hits on the internet yesterday.

Jim and I said good night to Gary at 10 and to each other at 11, after one last Star trek episode.