Saturday, July 07, 2007

2007-07-05 and 06

These last few days have been somewhat difficult in terms of health for me and have slowed me down. I worked on the quotes for “shift” and “2012”, preparing for my Mackinac Island speeches, yesterday morning, after Morning Offering until lunchtime. Both afternoons, I worked on my quotes for Chapter 7 of 101, seeing what the Confederation has to say about that worthy chakra before I write the chapter.

This morning, I had a particularly powerful session of cranio-sacral work and the Rudolph Steiner homeopathic injections. I was increasingly faint as I drove home and rested for most of the afternoon before being able to function at all. I hope that this was a positive crisis in this balancing.

I did a bit of e-mail both days. Thursday I sent Chapters 4, 5 and 6 to Bill H, Melissa and Gary for their review. I let Karen K at MacDuffie know that we needed addresses for four of my classmates. I wrote a farewell to Larry M, my first editor at UPI – he is being kicked upstairs – and collected a recipe for mango salsa.

Today I responded to a very thoughtful letter from Board member Ian about our upcoming Board meeting. I found his points most helpful and will talk them over with Mick over the weekend. I thanked Pupie H-B for her several missives and wished her well in her upcoming move. She and Peter B shall need to move by the end of this month and they have not yet found a place to go. And I responded to a note from Roberta L, a long-time LOO fan who has fallen on hard times in both health and finances, encouraging her not to give up.

Jim and I enjoyed a slow, quiet and immensely restorative date after our bath today. I think these sexual energy exchanges are a tremendous help to me and Mick says they are the same for him, that he receives a lot of inspiration when we make love. He can feel his frontal lobes pulsing. As for me, I just feel physically well. Love-making offers me a small island of “peaceful-body”. It is wonderful to be free of discomfort for a while.

We dined after the Gaia Meditation and read, watched vedge TV and chatted together until about midnight.