Tuesday, June 26, 2007


The rains over the weekend kept the dust down for Mick today and he mowed all he could, coming home late. After Morning Offering, I came upstairs and spent the morning reading Gina Jones’ book, “Flying between Heaven and Earth”, so that I could write a good review of it for her. I stopped for a restful lunch, then finished the review and posted it on amazon.com.

This was necessary so that I could write and ask Gina for a favor, quid pro quo. Ian, producer of A Book of Days, felt that her writing style was good for producing a review for our back cover that had pizzazz. So once my review of HER book was posted, I wrote to ask her for a positive review for BOD to put on the back cover. Once we have that from her, we should have a “go” on printing the BOD! At last! Yay!

I also edited the other three back-cover reviews so they work better, taking out a word here and a sentence there. And I OK’d Michele Matossian’s newest version of the front cover image. She calls it “Diamond Cross” and it is just beautiful. Check her work out at www.lightweaver.com. She has donated the cover art to this project, bless her.

I left my bower office in late afternoon to motor to Dr. June’s office for a check-up. She is my rheumatologist. Dr June was most sympathetic about my very lame arm and shoulder and upped my daily dosage of etodolac, an anti-inflammatory I was already taking at a lower dose. She will also review the hospital tests I had done in February or March, including the MRI of my right shoulder. She is hopeful that she can make my situation manageable again, either by therapy, traction or injections into the affected area, which is the thoracic outlet of my right shoulder.

I deal with discomfort daily, and I do not take pain medication, as pain pills invariably make me ill. But when the discomfort amps up so that I cannot think, then I must deal with the pain by halting my activities completely. That is what I least prefer to happen. My goal is to keep the pain level manageable so I can work. I told Dr. June how much it meant to me to be able to keep working in my own small way and I feel she really understood.

Jim was very weary and so was I, so we bathed and then napped before going downstairs for supper, the Gaia Meditation and episodes of Star Trek Enterprise. We lucked into a two-part story that we had not seen the first time around. We said good night at 11 PM.