Friday, June 22, 2007


Happy Summer Solstice! Our longest day of the year was perfectly beautiful, sunny and dry and with low humidity, for Kentucky at least, due to this draught. Our elderberry bush has come in to full bloom. We’re watering everything faithfully. Fortunately, we get our water from the nearby Ohio River, so water is cheap and plentiful.

At Morning Offering we are reading Paramhansa Yogananda’s second volume of “The Second Coming of Christ” now, having finished Bub Hill’s “Joshiah”. Yogananda’s English is often fanciful and his focus too literal for my taste, but as always, his aim is to include, embrace and organize into harmony thoughts of East and West, so we are enjoying the ride. I could not find a copy of Volume One of this work on when I was buying this book, so we are enjoying the second half of his thoughts!

Jim set out for his work-day while I spent my morning finalizing the MacDuffie newsletter for my classmates and painstakingly correcting the database of class contacts, which is included in the newsletter. I do not understand database software so I struggled with changes, but I prevailed eventually. I finished just in time for lunch.

I spent the afternoon working through the whole of Chapter 6, on the yellow-ray energy center, looking for where I had NOT included good information on this very important chakra. i lik what i have done so far and made few changes but I found some holes in the report's coverage on yellow ray and began filling them in. By late afternoon I had made a good start.

I took the time in late afternoon for writing a couple of in-house e-letters to faithful volunteers Melissa and Romi, working on various projects with them. I ended the work day by ordering some Dr. Hauschka hair conditioner from The Peaceful Company, an on-line source for organic products which are hard to find locally. I recommend the company ( I am a Dr. Hauschka fan, having found the company’s products when I was in Great Britain in 2004, visiting Pupie. They work for me like nothing else and I am grateful for them.

I was quite exhausted from a difficult day physically speaking, and Jim was weary too after his dusty and hard-working day. We lazed through our bath and then watched Democracy Now, where Amy was interviewing workers at ground zero on 9/11 who were volunteers, not policemen or firemen. They have gotten massively ill, over 5,000 of them, and they cannot get medical care. I hope some celebrity who can pull it off will do a nation-wide telethon for them, as their cause is more than just. Our hearts need to go out to these people who gave so much when it was needed.

And then we turned off the TV, meditated together for a while, and gratefully napped. We awoke to have some supper and offer the Gaia Meditation. Then Mick, Gary and I went outside for our Summer Solstice Bonfire. It was very informal. I did some praying and sang a hymn and otherwise we just enjoyed the evening, the beauty of the bonfire with its sparks shooting to heaven against the indigo sky and fireflies glowing beside the sparks to add to the illumination. I felt so thankful! These moments are precious beyond what we can know.

We wandered back into the house about 10:30. Jim chose recipes for next week’s menu while I finished my Ken Follett thriller – nobody won, lots of people died: some ending! Hmpf. Reality bites! Then we came upstairs for a kitty-snuggle and said a loving good night at 11 PM.