Thursday, June 21, 2007


The sun shone with gentler gold after the small rains of yesterday, and the temperature was a full ten degrees cooler. After Morning Offering Mick went off to his morning of mowing and gardening while I came upstairs to work on the MacDuffie Newsletter, which I compile twice a year as class captain for the class of 1961. It was fun reading through the material classmates had sent me and putting the letter together.

Lunch came in the midst of the work, and Jim came home briefly while I was downstairs, to drop off some of his equipment and take Thetis up to Avalon for mowing the meadow. He tells me that the meadow was again full of Brett’s cows, and he showed Melissa how to herd cattle from a vehicle – this time, the big mower, Thetis. Inspired by the engine noise, they went back to the fence, then up the fence row along the steep hillside until they came to the place where trees had crashed down the fence. Mick whipped out his fencing and voila, the fence was again repaired.

Mick reported the wonders done by Melissa. In just a short time, the place is far more clean and welcoming. Mel has begun working on building an outhouse, which is much needed, and that will help create a more usable farm for visitors. The old outhouse was removed by volunteers two years ago, when a chemical toilet was purchased. However, that toilet is in a private living space, so we need a sanitary public toilet. Jim had felled some small cedars several years ago, planning to use them for just such a project, and now Melissa’s on it! Go Melissa!

After I finished the MacDuffie project, just waiting until tomorrow morning to finalize the copy and make sure the attachments are OK, I worked for the rest of the afternoon on Chapter 6 of 101. I have just about finished that chapter now. Tomorrow afternoon I will read it again and vet it. It feels great to start winding up my writing about the three lower chakras! I still need to make some points before i leave that worthy energy center, the yellow ray, though.

I did a little e-mail at the end of the work day. Mike T had to move the date for his private channeling, and after looking at all the options I suggested we try for the evening of July 4th.

I wrote Harry Pickens and Pupak Haghighi, asking them for biographical material and a discussion of their work. They are both candidates for my “Can one person make a difference?” series (UPI articles) and I want to get lined up with good information on both of these creative souls.

Mick came home from Avalon, the meadow mowed, and we bathed and then welcomed Gary Watrous, the passive solar architect, who has done such an outstanding job of designing a house for our little part of Avalon’s acres. He showed us the final elevations and drawings for the exterior. It’s such a great house! We explained that it would take us some years yet to amass the money to build it.

He wants to go up to Avalon with us before he finalizes this project and make absolutely sure of all his measurements on our “lot”. With this draught upon us, Jim has more free time than is good for our pocketbook, as the lawns which usually are mowed weekly at this season are currently all going to a two-week period between mowings. So we agreed to go up to Avalon for the final measurements some time next week.

We had a bite to eat and offered the Gaia Meditation before coming upstairs for a date and then letting in the cats and having a grand snuggle before bedtime at 11 PM.