Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Some days are wonderfully creative and fruitful but equally unexpected. Such a day was today for me. For one thing, it rained! It rained for a good, long time! Only 30% chances had been predicted for the area, the same as yesterday, which was dry here although wet south of town. Today it was the opposite! And Anchorage got enough rain to help the grass fight back from its present golden color.

After Morning Offering I came upstairs and began work on my UPI article for the week, about Ariane Kirtley. I have been noticing how very many people I hear about in all sorts of ways who are exhibiting spiritual maturity and incredible creativity in the way they live their lives. I chose Ariane to begin with, as her Mom, Aubine, who came to L/L Research meditation meetings all through the ‘80s, when she lived in this area, had sent me all the relevant material so that I could do her work its just service in writing about it. It is a great story! I called it “Ariane of the Wells”.

I was still in preparatory stages when Melissa came down from Avalon to meet me for a good planning session over lunch at Captain’s Quarters. We had a wonderful time looking out over the moody, choppy Ohio River until a deluge, as mentioned above, replaced the little drops that occasionally were falling on our al fresco table. Fortunately by then our food was eaten and we were only talking, which we continued to do as we dried off in my car, doing errands.

We stopped at LabCorps, where I go monthly to give blood for lab tests needed by my arthritis doctor. I donated and she got me on the first stick, a happy day! Then we stopped by Louisville Tractor. Avalon’s trimmer had lost a horseshoe-shaped piece that fits over the two places the string comes out on the machine’s “speed head”. Apparently the loss of that whatzit renders the tool unusable, as it torques and vibrates so that one must turn it off. We got a half-dozen, as this is the third time this has happened with that trimmer.

Melissa’s Avalon Report is coming up roses. She was full of praise for the work each previous volunteer had done, especially on Sugar Shack. She’s re-making all her good contacts there with the county people and the organic farming crowd. It is so good to have her there, looking out for our interests. As always with Melissa, her work is meticulous, thorough and very thoughtful. Avalon is in good hands.

We returned home about 3 PM and Melissa finished up town chores, like laundry and pantry-stocking, while I came upstairs and finished the UPI article. However, that was done in patches. During the afternoon, Gary stopped in frequently as his conversation with people in Michigan continued. I do not know much about them yet. They had planned a weekend on Mackinaw Island, at the Grand Hotel, apparently a locally famous structure, featuring David Wilcock. David bailed on them. So they called Jim and me, hoping we could fill in.

I told Gary to be very firm in speaking with these people on two points: firstly, I will never be David. I don’t have the sophistication or the desire to market myself. I do not dazzle or enchant people. I do love to talk about unconditional love, and can do that well, but people who have attended my talks might describe them as substantive or even boring, dense with material. David is quite a different story. No one could call him boring! I needed to know that they would be OK with a zero dazzle factor.

Secondly, I needed them to know that I do not think David is channeling the same Ra group as came through me in the LOO sessions, or that comes through me now as part of the Q’uo principle. David and I have had this discussion and he agrees with me that it is not the same source. We agree that his is an inner-guide sort of source, whereas my channeling is from an outer-planes source. So I felt ethically sound in expressing my opinion to them. I felt it was necessary to be explicit on this point, as the group got together because of David’s work, having met on his web site and on his cruises.

Gary reported with increasing enthusiasm that Nelson’s answers were very positive and affirming. He will offer Gary a stipend so that Gary can afford to be my batman for the weekend. It is way too much for Mick to do during this season of intense physical work, Monday through Friday, to accompany me there. And the Michigan group will pay all our expenses and the cost of my hospital bed, which will make my stay there far more do-able.

My last request, which Gary relayed at the end of the afternoon, was that Nelson and his partner, who are planning this event, plus a fellow named William Henry, who is to offer talks too, plus Gary and I, get together on a conference call and work out the schedule for the weekend. I will not be able to make it before late Friday night, given Gary’s work schedule, so we need to plan around that, and decide what our curriculum will be.

I have my ideas, of course. I am presently working on a “101” book about TLOO principles, so my mind goes to the first few chapters of my 101 book, and how that material lays itself out there. It should be fun for me to offer this service.

We will get information about this weekend up on site ASAP. It should be a fun travel destination. The island is only reachable by ferry or boat. It is scenic and rural and sounds as grand as the hotel’s name. And of course there would be some spiritual work going on there. Their basic hope is to investigate the upcoming shift. We’ll do that. I believe the dates are an early August weekend.

As Jim and I luxuriated in our bath together, I told Mick I felt badly about not getting to the writing on 101 for the second day in a row. He told me, these things happen! Hopefully, tomorrow afternoon will see me back at work on 101.

U of L’s baseball team lost their bid for the national college championship this afternoon in Omaha. It was a great run! Thank you, Cards!

Democracy Now was crackling with great interviews tonight, including one with Malalai Joya (, a former MP in Afghanistan who has been thrown out of Parliament there twice now for her views. Her cause is riveting and I would think women around the world would want to help her and all of the Muslim women whose rights are being removed by the fundamentalist elements of their religion, which are spilling over into politics and making a mockery of the political process, at least from my point of view.

Her determination is an inspiration and her grasp of detail nothing short of amazing. In a language second to her, she held forth without a stumble for words or a pause for clearing mental confusion, naming names and citing historical events with extreme fluidity and command. I’d vote for her, that’s for sure! She had won her district with one of the biggest leads in Afghan history – and still she was ejected by a guy who looked like pictures of Jehovah. He said she behaved in an unseemly manner. You go, girl!

After enjoying Jon Stewart's and Stephen Rapport’s various highjinks, we offered the Gaia Meditation, with me offering the closing prayer, and then Mick and I came upstairs for a final snuggle before bed at 11 PM.

One notable incident sparked my day: during Morning Offering, I was singing a hymn about Stephen, the first Christian martyr, and we were visited by a very large hawk, who hung in a tree branch just behind the bird feeder window of our living room. He sat there quite a while as if listening to me sing, and then to all the rest of the readings and the final prayer of our offering before flapping away. Again, as I so often do, I re-dedicated myself to having “in my heart a flame, and on my lips a dream” to serve the infinite One all the days of my life.