Tuesday, June 19, 2007


An increasingly dusty summer heat is upon us, dry and drier! We had a front move through, but it was too weak to move the “omega block” so we are baking away! The temperature neared 100. Jim has had our sprinkler going every early morning, during our Morning Offering, and every evening from bath time onwards.

After today’s Morning Offering, I came up to edit another Aaron/Q’uo Dialogue session, which took me through to lunch time. After lunch, I got involved in one item after another and never got back to writing on 101. However, much other stuff occurred to fill the work hours.

I pulled some thoughts together and asked Gary, Romi and Steve E to work through the issue of how to rent a chat room for the new season’s channeling sessions. We had a beautiful letter today from a friend of L/L Research in France urging us to create more webcasts which prompted the request to the gentlemen involved. I know it will be a speedy job, as all wish to get this feature organized for fall.

Also, we received a call from a group in Michigan who are eager to have me talk to their gathering. Apparently they had been going to have David W as their speaker and he decided that it was better for him to do other things, so canceled his appearance there. They would pay our expenses. I asked Gary to look further into this before we say yes. My concern is that a group of people enchanted by David’s Power Point Presentations, new science and the other aspects of his style will not be satisfied with someone who simply wishes to talk about unconditional love, how that created all that is and how we are that love. We’ll see!

Jim and I enjoyed a delicious whirlpool when he arrived back from all his mowing and tree-clearing. There was a great Democracy Now to watch, with Michael Moore being interviewed about “Sicko”, his new film which takes on the American medical establishment. Then there was a Star Trek Enterprise block which whiled away our evening as we relaxed and enjoyed. Supper and a Gaia Meditation brought us eventually to lights out at 11 PM.