Saturday, June 16, 2007


Ah, Fridays! For a working man like my good husband, there is nothing sweeter than a Friday, the last day of the official work week and the time to get all the equipment maintained and ready for next week. After Morning Offering, Mick went off to do his marathon of mowing with Gary, his Friday work-mate. I came upstairs only long enough to drink my green tea and check my e-mail, as I had a cranial-sacral therapy appointment with Liz J and Steiner’s homeopathic injections with Steve J over in Indiana.

It was a lovely drive. I was half expecting to see that the draught had made the lawns golden and the trees dusty, but a couple of spotty rains seem to have preserved the beauty of the full greening along the expressways. The bottle-brush bushes are out, looking so perky. In our yard, the fullest bloom of the season is in full spate, with roses and day lilies joined by clematis, trumpet vine and a glorious bloom of our butterfly bushes and oak-leaf hydrangeas to boot. The eye really cannot take it all in.

I stopped by Frisch’s Big Boy for my favorite burger treat. They have slaw as well as the venerable “special sauce” burger which was around here during my childhood and of which I am very fond. Mickey Dee’s and all the friends-and-relations of fast food came later. The Big Boy was the pioneer! Yum!

I was fortunate enough to find Mick just getting off his work day when I got back, so we enjoyed some rare time together while he ate his lunch and then we did our stretching exercises. Then Jim headed up to Avalon to deposit his latest load of firewood, which he is harvesting as he cleans up storm damage for a customer.

Meanwhile, Gary did the week’s shopping and cooked up a storm, preparing lemon chicken, curried rice and spinach mushroom casserole before leaving for an overnight visit with his girlfriend, Valerie.

I worked for a while on yellow ray, but found that I was not at all ready to go on. After writing and deleting for a while, making no progress, I asked for overnight guidance, hoping to re-address the work tomorrow afternoon. Sometimes, the best thing to do is ask for guidance and then wait!

So I tackled e-mail, for which we never lack. I wrote:
Judy R, to assure her that I only sent one letter to her. She had gotten a “ghost” send that only showed up for three seconds, and then vanished. It’s nice to know that our work together on Aaron/Q’uo is filled with enough light to attract such resistance from the loyal opposition.

Dianne S, to chat about Cesar Chavez’s situation. I may well write a column on Chavez, I told her.

Elihu E, who told me that the Zohar sends were, on his end, sent in English. On my end, they came through in Hebrew. Eli suggested that I somehow attracted “cosmic pranksters”. How true, how true.

Gary B, asking him to begin collecting materials for our next issue of the Gatherings Newsletter and also asking him if he has figured out how to imbed photos in a Word document, as I am preparing to do the MacDuffie newsletter for my class next week.

Ian B, asking for permission to use his beautiful prayer in the Gatherings Newsletter.

Scott H, congratulating him on getting an article published, on a controversial Australian brain surgeon. The link for that article is

Romi, squaring away our mutual plans for the weekend. He had planned to go up to Avalon tomorrow and aid Melissa, but Melissa is settling in just fine. So he will not make the trip. I invited him to the St’ Luke’s Kidsclothes Picnic tomorrow evening. He said that he likes to do the “mass in the grass”.

Michelle M, to thank her for sharing an interview with Gary Renard. That link is His recent book, “The Disappearance of the Universe”, has a good deal of information in common with The Law of one, she said. I put the book on my wish list on and thanked her for the information. His sounds like a great book to read at our Morning Offerings.

Mary Rodwell of Australia, whose work with Dana Redfield deserves a comment. I asked her to write an article for our commentary section of the on-line version of Dana’s “Alphabet Mosaics”.

MJA, also a friend of Dana’s, with whom she did substantial work, asking her to write an article about their shared work. I also let her know that her black and white photocopies of Dana’s drawings had arrived here, but that her color photos have not arrived so far.

Rick C, giving him a Kentucky Report – draught – to match his Maine Report – the first spinach has now been picked and eaten.

Barbara B, discussing prophecy in our channeling.

Gary, thanking him for the information on where to find more about my upcoming interview with Marcia McMahon on BBS Radio on June 23rd. The link for that is

I sorted through the day’s mail on my way to the bath and then Mick and I indulged in a wonderfully refreshing whirlpool. We came upstairs to relax and enjoy that TGIF feeling, but I went soundly to sleep. Mick woke me for the Gaia Meditation at 9 PM and then a late supper, after which we snuggled with the cats until bedtime, around midnight.