Friday, June 15, 2007


After Morning Offering, Mick went into the brilliant sunshine for a full day of mowing and tree-clearing. He also put a bid in on a very big job a St. Luke’s, taking out a long, old, overgrown, gnarly hedge which separates two parking lots, one above another by four feet or so. This is great news, as in this draught, the mowing has slowed down by half. All this non-mowing work will pay our bills, thank the Lord!

I worked on the first session of our Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues for the fifth weekend gathering of nine. I think there are four sessions in the fifth weekend, so when I edit the next session, I’ll be exactly halfway through this editing job.

Gary was fixing his Big Honking Breakfast Burrito for himself and added some veggies for me, so I had a delicious lunch indeed.

I spent the afternoon on the discussion of marriage in the yellow-ray section of Chapter 6 of 101. It went fairly well. Perhaps after one more read-through, I can go on to the next section, on war games.

Before I quit for the day, I did a bit of e-mail, letting Elihu E know that I do not read Hebrew. He has been sending me old Hebrew scripts, making points about Kabbalah. However, not reading the language, I am quite lost!

I commiserated with Dave G, who had gotten caught on one of those “send this to 12 people” guilt trips, and promised Gina Jones that I would, in the course of time, write a review of her book, “Flying Between Heaven and Earth” for

Gary was at the Inbox again downstairs this afternoon and reports being caught up at last with the L/L Research backlog after his trip last weekend. that's great to hear! It was a most pleasant day, all told. The long and sunlit days are so good for the soul! Jim came home and we had a freshening bath together before watching Democracy Now and then CSI Miami and then coming downstairs for the Gaia Meditation, with Mick praying at the end, and a late supper. We caught a bit of the last game of the NBA finals, with the Spurs taking the title, before ascending to my bedroom for a snuggle with the kitties and lights out around 11 PM.