Saturday, June 09, 2007


Due to my feeling increasingly ill after lunch, I do not have a good deal to report on working for L/L Research! After Morning Offering Jim went out into the sunshine and heat to mow and garden while I came upstairs to collect references for my last Dana article. At 10:30 I got a telephone call from 21st Century Medicine asking where I was. I explained that their appointment card said I had a 1 PM appointment today, and I’d be leaving home at 12:20 or so to make that appointment.

Well, they said, they had me scheduled to come in at 10:15. They said for me to come on over across the Ohio and they’d work me in, which they did. I had the sacral-cranial appointment until 12:30 and then had to wait an hour or so for the osteopathic exam, so I had a fish sandwich. I am thinking that perhaps that was not good fish, as my stomach rebelled the rest of the day.

I tried to focus on work when I returned home, but was constantly in the bathroom. I wrote Mary Alice and Eli e-mails on Dana’s drawings and Romi and I e-mailed back and forth about getting the Ute on Avalon ready for Melissa’s return, but could not settle in to work and finally gave it up and lay down until bath time.

Democracy Now’s coverage of the Palestine/Israel debate was fascinating tonight. One speaker said that the situation is stuck and has been since the ‘80s, where, using bad information, there was a feeling that the West Bank must be “secured”. Imperialistic as Britain, Israel and the US are these days, it was agreed amongst them that Palestinians do not exist. Amazing! They are the Middle East’s Indians and they do not even have a proper reservation. Say, I’d be sore about that if I were Palestinian!

I read and napped and enjoyed some new Star Gate episodes with Mick. Jim tells me I slept through the Gaia Meditation, but he offered it for the household, Gary being gone to visit his folks in Ohio for the weekend. Mick and I snuggled with the cats till 11 PM and bade each other a good night then.