Sunday, June 03, 2007


We had such a fine Saturday! After a very late morning wake-up, with both of us sleeping in, we made our Morning Offering and Jim cooked the remaining dishes for this week’s food while I edited on the April 8th channeling, the last Sunday channeling to be transcribed this season. I believe there is one more special session out there being transcribed, still, but we are mostly caught up on transcripts now.

The April 8th session was a dandy! The question had been about time speeding up. It was nifty because it was Dana Redfield’s question, and there is a sentence therein which I can use in this week’s UPI article on the Tomorrow Tree.

Jim went for a round of errands and came back with our fast food treat for the week, after which I continued editing until Mick was ready to leave for Avalon. He needed to take some debris from his work here at Jim’s Lawn Service up to dump on our access road's steep defile, where the road is washing into the ravine, and also to repair a few things that he had noticed tumbling down a bit, like the fire pit. And I decided to take some time out just to enjoy the ride.

It was such a heavenly ride! The crown vetch was in bloom along the roadside, along with a weed whose proper name I do not know. It has a tall stem, like a bush in height, and a compound blossom of a dingy white, like dirty Queen Ann's Lace. It always looks a bit ratty; that’s just its natural habit. If you break the stem, it pops easily, being brittle. Inside, the stems are hollow, so Mick and I call it the pea-shooter flower. The teasels were just starting to bloom too, and the elderberry is blooming! What a beautiful show along the way!

Butterflies greeted me before we even hit the gate, fluttering into the car along the access road. The ones I saw today were tiny, brilliant and saturated yellow in color, with black detailing. I love the way Avalon always comes to meet me. It is good to see the trees recovered from the untimely freeze earlier this spring. Everything looks splendid now. The grass alone is showing signs of strain from the draught.

While Jim went about his work, I investigated several of Dana’s books i had brought with me, and one by Israel Regardie, The Middle Pillar, getting set up for quotes for her next article. In a very fortunate coincidence, Jim played for the first time a birthday present I had given him, a CD by Joanne Shenandoah called The Peacemaker’s Journey. It talks about the Tree of Peace – another part of the article to come. I recorded all the quotes I will need for Dana 6 and started a list for Dana 7, which I believe will be the closing article in the Dana series.

It has been a good series for me and shows me, as did the Dignity series, that I have now connected to the source for creating these UPI articles as a very slow channeling process. Everything since the Dignity series began last early spring has come organically, week by week and idea by idea. I am very blessed in my guidance and good fortune.

Jim was still working when the rain first began. At first it was just a drop at a time, as though oozing out of the air, amidst brilliant sunshine. Then as Jim completed his work and we started up the steep half-mile of access road, the drops thickened and the skies lowered. By the time we were on the highway, the rain had begun in earnest. Finally it was raining so hard that even the sheets of water were puddling across the windshield, the flood falling too fast to run off. How wonderful to have my rain dances answered in such glorious profusion. It rained all the way back home. What a blessing from heaven!

Carmen had come over to volunteer and was busy at work, alongside Gary, who was manning the L/L helm ably, when we came in. I scooted upstairs to finish the editing on the April 8th channeling before Mick called bath time and got that editing done and sent off to Ian to put up on site after he does his final edit.

I also did a bit of e-mail. Poor Judy R, just back from a holiday, found my request to pre-edit Aaron/Q’uo 5, the several sessions of Barbara Brodsky’s and my fifth co-channeling workshop together back in the ‘90s, which i had sent her while she was gone, and saw it for just three seconds before it disappeared from her machine. Vanished!! So I re-sent her the AQ5 material and I hope she got it this time!

Anything on which I am working these days that is close to the light in its vibration acts mighty funny, whether it is the AQ material or the 101 writing, or even the UPI articles. Having a brand new laptop helps, but does not eliminate the glitches, as you see here!

Gary had sent out our much-belated spring Light/Lines newsletter, blush! It also had vanished into cyberspace when I sent it to Ian in March and Gary finally noticed that it was missing on site last week. I wrote to thank Garyfor the send, and also to ask him to be sure and set up a time where he, Romi, Carmen and I can visit together, either here or at a restaurant, during June. We promised to continue to visit some during this summer, not on Sundays, of course!

Ian had received Jim McCarty’s blurb for the back cover of A Book of Days, and asked if I could please get a third blurb. So I wrote Elihu Edelson, with whom I have had a good deal of correspondence on Dana’s book, the Alphabet Mosaics, recently, and asked him for the favor. He wrote back most kindly agreeing.

Jim and I rejoined Carmen and Gary after our bath and a nap, for which my body was asking very strongly, for a delightful time of visiting, dining and offering the Gaia Meditation together. Carmen left soon thereafter, having put in over seven hours on the Poetry Database she has made of all my songs and poems and having finished it at last! It was a huge job, since I have written verses and songs all my life, and saved at least half of them. She typed hundreds of verses, all scribbled on pieces of paper in my terrible handwriting. What a great job! Go Carmen!

Gary also bade us good evening then. Jim cleaned the kitchen and then he and I had our bedtime snuggle with the cats, finding a House episode to lull us to sleep.