Tuesday, May 29, 2007


A sweet rain overnight dampened the dust and freshened the air as I retrieved the newspaper before Morning Offering. Jim had a much easier day because of that, and the increasingly golden, burnt grass hereabouts has had a reprieve.

After answering notes from Leslie D – we are off for the summer; the next meditation meetings are in September - and Rick C – it’s grand that he’s back at work doing his recording and saving for a better console – I squared off with the day.

Firstly, I wrote Ian, who is producing A Book of Days, sending him Jim McCarty’s text blurb on it for inclusion on the back cover of the book. It is a fine little recommendation and it will do just dandy. Good-bye, Bishop Gulick, and thank you for delaying the printing of this book for two months! Several e-mails and a telephone conversation with his admin have not served to coax the man into writing the blurb he promised me. It is time to move onward. I am just surprised it took me this long to give up my faith in his promise to write a blurb for me. What was I thinking, to wait so long?

Secondly, I wrote to introduce Ian, webmaster for our archive site, www.llresearch.org, to the hopeful webmaster for www.bring4th.org, Steve E. They will have reason to converse in the time to come, and so I made them known to each other. I also laid out for Ian the work which Gary, Steve, Jim, Romi and I had done this last weekend on pre-launch matters for B4. I took the time to do this most lovingly.

This done, I turned to Dana Redfield’s work, for although I keep saying I cannot work on the editing of the Alphabet Mosaics until I finish editing the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues, people keep writing me about Dana. And each person has considerable material from her, and much commentary about her. So I wrote Jill and Cynthia, the latest two of her colleagues to contact me about her book. Jill sent me an article she wrote about Dana. Cynthia had much to say also and asked if she could visit in person later this summer.

I wrote them both at some length, discussing with them Elihu E’s suggestion that we include, as an appendix, a collection of commentaries on Dana and her work, and asking for their opinions on this idea.

I broke for lunch and then came back upstairs to work on 101. I’d determined to split Chapter 4 into three chapters, and began the session by removing all but the red-ray discussion from that chapter. Then I read through the present orange-ray section, now Chapter 5, noting what I had covered and what remained to be covered in that discussion in order to report on what the Confederation says about orange ray.

I identified three areas I still wished to discuss before moving on to yellow-ray thoughts. By afternoon’s end I had written the first-draft text for two of those three points and had just chosen the quotation to head the discussion of the third point when Mick called bath time.

It was a good place to pause, so I printed out all my changed pages and called it a day. Mick and I enjoyed our whirlpool and then a romantic tryst before sliding into sleep, from which Mick gently shook me awake at 8 PM: suppertime. My stomach was in rebellion, so I dined on little but good feelings, which there were in plenty, while Gary and Jim enjoyed their salmon loaf. Stewart and Colbert were holding forth and tonight Al Gore was interviewed concerning his new book, The Assault on Reason. I appreciate this mainstream personality attempting with all his heart to bring to people’s attention the situation of our political times.

After the Gaia Meditation, at the end of which I offered the closing prayer, Gary said good night and went downstairs to his basement room to read before bedtime, while Mick and I came upstairs to enjoy some episodes of Star Trek Enterprise which we had missed the first time through. It was a real treat to see a two-part story we’d not beheld before. That took us to our own lights-out at 11 PM.