Tuesday, May 22, 2007


With a sunny sky to welcome me, I drove to Indiana after Morning Offering to spend time with sacral-cranial therapist, Liz, and homeopathic-Steiner-injection-osteopath Dr. Steve. It took longer than usual as Liz worked with my back problems after the regular session, asking me to deep-breathe while she did different holds on my body.

After lunch, I worked with the orange-ray sexuality part of Chapter Four of 101 for most of the rest of the working day. It was write and delete there for a while. I believe I have got a good flow going now.

I took a bit of time clearing material from my Inbox and answered some e-mail. I wrote first to ask Romi what happened to font sizes I can see! He wrote right back, thank heaven. It turned out that he had reduced the fonts so that he could work on Trav2 and had forgotten to reset the size, so he told me how to do that. This was a blessing! I had hunted all over to figure that out but missed the intuitive option of right-clicking the desktop.

Joe had written me a beautiful and caring letter and called a couple of times, on fire with the desire to make me well. Over the decades since The Law of One came out, I have had dozens of people contact me who are sure they can heal me.

When they are unable to do so, of course, they place New Age guilt squarely on my shoulders. It is an oddity of this kind of thinking that the belief is that if we were all thinking properly, or eating properly, or taking the right whatever-pill/bolus/enzyme/solution, we would be entirely healthy.

I’ve long ago had it with this process of assigning blame for being unwell. I was probably rude. I asked him for energy healing only, from all that he offered. Energy healing is always welcome. It is non-invasive and can be done at a distance.

In fact, I suspect that my vital energy is utterly healthy and that I am actually quite well. For instance, knock wood, I have not had a cold or sinus infection all year, and none last year either. I simply deal with discomfort from various distortions chronic within my particular body.

I found a chicken recipe I thought Jim and Gary might like and collected that for our recipe database.

Paul C sent back what he could hear of the lyrics to my brother Tommy’s and my music CD, The Journey, apologizing for not being able to hear the rest. I wrote back to thank him for his work and to assure him that I could take it from there. I can also restore the story which was written by me to accompany the songs. The story never made it to our CD because our original recording, done in a church basement on bad equipment, was full of clunkers. We re-recorded the songs for the CD.

Choirmistress Lisa e-mailed to ask me to buy some tickets to the local ball park. If we sell all 50 of our choir tickets, Fr. Joe gets to throw out the opening pitch and we get to sing the National Anthem for that game. I see some volunteer duty ahead of me after services from now until the game, selling those tickets! Mark me well: we shall sing that anthem!

And finally, some terrific news came in from Gary: the old bring4th site has now been taken down. We had requested that it come down last March and they assured us it was going down on April 15th. It finally was removed somewhere between last Wednesday, when Gary last checked, and now.

This is exquisitely good timing, as the webmaster for a proposed new B4 site, Steve E, will visit here this weekend and Gary, he and I will work out the steps ahead of us. Steve has tons of good ideas and a sense of dedication to the work that is wonderful to feel. We are most fortunate in him as well as in all our volunteers, a wide-spread bunch indeed.

Both Mick and I were quite weary and our intentions to watch Star Trek Enterprise episodes were altered by our both falling asleep. We awoke to find that it was dinner time, so came downstairs and greeted Gary, who was finishing his day at the L/L Research helm in the downstairs office. We dined together and had the Gaia Meditation, with Gary offering the ending prayer, before coming back upstairs to continue watching STE episodes, as the Sci Fi Channel was offering a block of the shows all evening, and we had missed a good many of the original showings of these. It was great fun. The shows are so well-written! It’s good entertainment for us.

We enjoyed the cats and each other and turned out the lights at 11 PM.