Sunday, May 13, 2007


Another grand summer’s day welcomed us as we made our Morning Offering. Jim busied himself with cooking while Romi and I worked with Traveller Too, installing Windows, virus protection, the printer, the mouse and so forth. I am very tickled to say that I managed to install all of Office this time. Hopefully I will never again see “This feature is not installed” when I try to do something.

I love Trav2, who feels feminine rather than masculine, as did Trav1. She is lighter and more svelte. She is quite fast, which is a great blessing.

We moved all of my Explorer favorites, my folders from Outlook and – we thought – the very large “Carla” folders, which contain all my writing and channeling work, all other creative projects and correspondence and the vast mishmash of documents with which I personally work. Instead I got a folder with only my stationery blank and a recipes file. I did not discover this until after the Ro Man left. Gary tried to import the bulk of the remaining files for me, but he was not able to accomplish it. Fortunately I will see Romi tomorrow for our usual Sunday meditation meeting and I can ask him to try again!

I spent the remainder of the afternoon after Romi left making more choices in the various programs as to how my documents will look and how things will work. It is the first time I have done this all myself. Previously I have felt so intimidated by computers that I left the initialization to Ro. This time, I managed to be more hands-on.

Jim and I were both exhausted, he by a day of work in the kitchen and yard and I by sitting up at a desk, which is very difficult for me, and so after our bath we came upstairs to my room and had a good nap. Do we know how to party or what! We awoke long enough to dine and offer the Gaia Meditation, with Gary praying at the closing. Then I came upstairs to lie down while Mick cleaned the kitchen.

He woke me to share a snuggle with the kitties and me before we said our good night around 11 PM.