Friday, May 04, 2007


It was raining gently when I went out to get the paper, and it continued to do so all day. After Morning Offering Jim reaped the reward of all the hard mowing yesterday, and spent his day in the wet but productive, completing the gardening and special landscaping requests he had saved up to do when it rained. He even got some maintenance done, sharpening and switching out his mower blades so that tomorrow, when he and Gary are trying to beat the really heavy weather predicted, the cut will be super-sharp.

Gary was at the admin helm all day downstairs, cleaning up masses of details so that he can leave on a weekend vacation tomorrow afternoon after mowing with Jim. He and I consulted off and on all afternoon as he cleared his Inbox. He rescheduled an interview I have in June with Marcia McMahon on BBS radio. She wanted to do it at 7:30 PM, California time, which would have me trying to make sense at 10:30 PM. He got that rescheduled to 1 PM my time.

This was the day I got to the scrapbooking items on my to-do list. I had the scrapbook of my MacDuffie reunion trip to put together and also all the items we took during our walk around the Home and Garden Show to put into the idea scrapbook we already have started for our Avalon home-to-be. I did the Idea Book additions in the morning, broke for a delicious lunch Gary fixed of eggs scrambled with pineapple, black olives, onions, tomatoes and cheese, and then made the MacDuffie scrapbook in the afternoon.

Jim called up to announce bath time just as I was putting everything away; perfect timing. We had a most pleasant nap together before descending the stairs for supper and the Gaia Meditation, for which Gary joined us. I offered the ending prayer tonight. Then we enjoyed a special, 2-hour-long episode of Gray’s Anatomy before turning out the lights at 11 PM.