Tuesday, April 24, 2007


“It’s a lovely day today” was the theme song today. The frozen trees have relaxed their budding leaves now, and the grass is growing again. We have waited long for shirtsleeve weather and it is very nice to experience it again. After Morning Offering Mick was off for an over-full day of mowing and landscaping. His customers had solved the edging problem in their landscaping project by picking tiles intended to make patio floors. Silly Mick! He only brought them edging samples! He thinks he can make their choice look nice!

I drove off for my Monday appointment at 21st Century Medicine. Liz J gave me another very generous session of cranial-sacral work and then osteopath Steve J did the modified acupuncture using Rudolph Steiner’s homeopathic sera. This time he was all over the place, injecting my jaws, neck, points along my belly and across my back at trigger points. I enjoy these treatments, and I believe I do feel more psychically balanced and lighter of heart. There is no physical change yet, but these things can take time to mature into the physical world.

I eyed the Great Lawn down by the Ohio River as I drove back across the I-65 Bridge from Indiana to Kentucky and miraculously, it was immaculate! Supposedly 800,000 folks had partied on that lawn while watching Thunder Over Louisville on Saturday night. The cleaning crews had done a great job! The traffic was jam-packed all the way there and back because of the various Derby Festival events that crowd our city’s tourist-catching schedule from now through Derby, causing a permanent traffic jam. Naturally, Louisville natives stay home and well away from the crowded roads if they possibly can during these few weeks of Derby madness.

I came home, eventually conquering the traffic, and enjoyed another of Mike P’s delicious corn cakes from The Cheesecake Factory for lunch, along with Gary’s superior slaw, before coming upstairs to write my Christmas thank you notes. Call me goofy, but it is sheer delight to do the pretty at last for all those most loving and kind friends and strangers who gave me gifts at Christmastime. I finished all but three notes from my non-family list, and broke the back of that job. The remainder will be far easier, as I can write family letters to my folks, thanking the whole family unit for their gifts instead of having to write each person separately.

Jim arrived and ran our bath, which ended my work day, except for a fairly extended conversation I had with Gary after we shared our Gaia Meditation, with Jim offering the ending prayer. He had received a long and thoughtful letter from Steve E, a fan of the LOO who would like to undertake the hard work and persistent effort needed to create a new forum web site. We have kept the domain name, www.bring4th, and he will develop that.

After reading his 12-page missive, in which he explored his whole attitude about our work and how he wishes to help, I felt that it all sounded good. There were directions he is looking at which do not appeal to me, as we are not hucksters nor are we concerned to proselytize, but overall, the fit is excellent. I asked Gary to ask him to come visit us. I think we need a couple of days when Gary, Steve E and I can focus down and brainstorm the start-up plans. Gary said he’d write Steve E tomorrow and get that ball rolling. Fortunately Steve lives on the east coast and is only an 8-hour drive away. He is in his early 30s, just a pup, and should find that drive do-able in one day. It is better than our going to him, as I am not a good traveler these days, though I still love to be somewhere else!

Jim and I missed Amy Goodman after our bath, as we were ancient teenagers instead, having a great time canoodling! I sing a song of praise for the Creator’s plan. Pleasure goes hand in hand with the most illuminating play of light energy two people can create in sexual sharing, and after almost 20 years of marriage – our 20th anniversary is May 30th –Jim and I have the privilege of coming together sexually in perfect trust and faith. It is a blessing for both our lives and hopefully an honestation to the Creator as well.

We came downstairs after our tryst, had supper and enjoyed a block of Star Trek Enterprise, with Link TV\’s World Music during the commercials. After the Gaia Meditation, Jim went to his computer to work on letters to his customers on various matters while Gary and I talked over many items. We bade Gary good night at 10:30 and said “Sweet dreams” to each other about 11:30.