Saturday, April 21, 2007


It was a terrific, warm and winsome Friday. After Morning Offering Jim and Gary sailed off to dance with the devas, mowing and trimming up yards all over Anchorage while I continued my campaign to catch up all the loose ends in my office. I began by collecting three recipes, for Chicken Fettuccini, Spicy Fried Chicken and Avocado and Mango Salad. The first recipe is for me, as I need to eat a bland and smooth diet. The other two are for St. James and Gary, who use a ton of chicken recipes as Gary is not fond of red meat, nor does he like most seafood, especially shellfish. And they both love avocadoes and mangos.

Then I got out the rough draft of the letter Jim and I had composed yesterday, sending it back and forth between our computers until we were satisfied with the text. It is an invitation to four extremely faithful and energetic friends of the Law of One, Bill H, Jean-Claude K, Tiffani M and Steve M, to join L/L Research’s Board of Directors. I fiddled with the letter and our L/L stationery and got the copies printed out on the stationery OK. However I could not figure out how to use the envelope-printing feature. So I hand-addressed the envelopes just in time for Gary and Jim to arrive home, their mowing all done. Jim and I signed them and gave the batch of envelopes a kiss for blessing.

After lunch, Jim set out to do his weekly maintenance and switch out his mower blades. He ran into a snag – one of the blades had apparently struck something and the impact had sheared one of the hexagonal nuts which hold the blade in place, so that the blade could not be removed. Jim had an unplanned trip over to Louisville Tractor, where they promised him a repaired mower by tomorrow afternoon.

Jim spent the rest of the afternoon touring greenhouses in the area searching for edging for his current, large landscaping job which both the husband and the wife like. So far that has been the problem! He found several good candidates but had a bad end to his afternoon when he drove all around eastern Jefferson County looking for Boone-Gardiner Nurseries. It has just moved. Jim suspects that they have moved to another dimension in space and time. He shall have to have another go at finding that worthy source of good edgings tomorrow. We keep talking about acquiring a GPS. It would have come in handy.

Gary went hunting and gathering, buying the food and other materials needed to make our food for the next week. He then cooked for the rest of the afternoon, sending wonderful aromas up the stairs while I continued to bat away at the backlog. He finished all but the main chicken dish! Go Gary!

Lorena, a fan of TLOO, had become aware that we were going to shut down the broadcasting project as of the end of this May. We had paid $700+ for the chat room for the six-month period starting last December. Our usual listening audience is small, but that is not the problem – remember, the Ra group suggested we forget the counting. However we had hoped that the program would be self-supporting, as we cannot afford the $100/month – plus on a regular basis. And no one has ever sent in any contributions for the broadcasting.

Lorena offered to stand behind a matching funds campaign to raise the money for next season’s broadcasts. That is a nine-month period, September through May. The total cost will be about $1100 to reserve a private chat room on line for that period. It is a most generous offer! We shall put up an announcement on our home page immediately. I hope we are able to receive enough donations to keep the project going! To me it seems a worthy effort, simply because there is something magical about the energy that comes through my voice when I am channeling. One can truly feel that love and light vibration from the Q'uo group beneath and surrounding the words.

I took some time to write Jim and Maxine P, who have begun once again to offer a study group for the LOO material in Wisconsin. Jim’s an excellent teacher of the material and has created a curriculum that takes in all the main principles in an orderly way. He taught a couple of his topics to one of our Homecoming gatherings a few years ago and we all loved his teaching and found it most valuable. I caught up on our family news, as they are long-time friends, and asked them to give us periodic updates on what their group was studying.

I e-mailed Romi to let him know that it was fine for him to visit Avalon tomorrow and also to invite him to join our channeling session Saturday evening for Mike P, who is coming into town to sit in the circle of seeking personally. It is always a special session indeed when the seeker puts his heart and soul into getting here for the session. It carries that intensive energy of dedicating the effort of making the trip to seeking the truth.

Karen K at MacDuffie wrote to let me know that my former liaison, Sara B, has flown the coop because of a good job offer elsewhere, and Karen will now be my liaison. We exchanged cordial greetings and she OK’d my plans.

I had several insurance forms sent to me with refills of a compounded prescription from a pharmacy which does not send in the forms themselves. I had no idea where to send them and surfed around on the net trying to get the information, to no effect, before looking at my membership card. Sure enough, the address I needed was in tiny print on the back of my card. Success! I also filled out a long Medicare survey which had been hanging fire for months.

By this time Jim was calling bath time, and my working day was at an end. I felt victorious! I know these sorts of chores are not as important overall as my creative work, but it feels lighter and brighter in this office with every old project that I clear away. I consider it a great step forward that my remaining chores are now on a list that takes up only one sheet of paper! Perhaps by the time my new laptop comes, i will be caught up!

Mick and I bathed and then enjoyed playing in the fields of the Lord together, sharing sexual energy and all the love in our hearts for each other and the Creator before descending to the first floor for supper and a block of Stargate episodes. Friday nights are so great! Jim’s hard work week is done and he can fully relax. I think he stays in a state of tension all week as he races the rain, plotting how to work around the raindrops and get all his lawns mowed.

Gary bade us good night when we came down, as he was heading off to spend the weekend with his girlfriend, Valerie. He will stay overnight with her and tomorrow he will take Valerie and Ocean, her daughter, to see Thunder Over Louisville. That’s a massive, half-hour-long fireworks display staged from a closed bridge over the Ohio River and preceded by a day-long air show, which this year will include helicopters. I went, just one time, with a girlfriend, Jane W, and her then-young kids and it was a marvelous display seen in person. However the 90 minutes we then spent getting out of the municipal parking garage offered a festival of toxic odors and various drivers’ bad tempers and I vowed that if ever I went again, I would use the shuttle buses provided. I know little Ocean will have such a ball! Gary and Valerie both work on Sundays, serving at Cracker Barrel all day, so we won’t see him until Sunday night.

Jim and I ate supper and offered the Gaia Meditation at 9 PM, with Jim praying at the end. We turned out the lights after our usual snuggle with the cats at 11 PM.