Thursday, April 12, 2007


Storms swept Kentucky all day. In this cold weather, Jim says the grass has stopped growing, so after Morning Offering he had only one small job to do and then spent the morning working on a landscaping plan for a customer. I greatly admire the way he turned this “off” day into an opportunity to generate some good work for himself.

I spent the morning clearing one detail after another from the desk. I am considerably closer to clear of old details than when I woke up this morning! In my own way I also am making lemonade out of the lemons of my computer being down. I cannot compose new text on this computer as it is so dotty now that it loses and misplaces text constantly. However, while I wait for my ThinkPad to arrive, I am getting to the bottom of some very deep piles of things to do and it feels terrific.

One of the items in my paper mountain was a note to give Lindy T a call. She recently moved to North Carolina from Florida, where she had lived for twenty years or so, raising two children. Now they are gone from the nest and she is enjoying the beautiful scenery of those mountains and time at last for herself. Lindy is very psychic and was part of our Mind Link in 1977. She was at that time a teenager and she lived with Andrija Puharich, as did several other young people, for a couple of years during that period. We have stayed in touch ever since. Lindy is a little pint of sunshine, pretty and blonde-haired, but decidedly not “blonde” of mind, being very sharp. Her sweetness and serenity have always been notable and as she ages, she just gets better.

In the afternoon, Jim and I set out for the osteopath’s office. Dr. Johnson is treating me for hormone replacement and it was time for a new lab test to see where my levels are. However, when he found what was going on with me now, he suggested a regimen of seven weekly visits where I will receive homeopathic materials developed by Rudolph Steiner and made now in France, injected along the meridians for heart and GI tract and also have a session of cranial-sacral therapy.

It is his opinion that my basic health challenge is system-wide and involves helping the body regulate itself. He feels it has too much information streaming in from these various sources of discomfort and the body is reacting by missing the boat, just as a computer does when it is overloaded. Turn it off and then reboot it and usually those symptoms of overloading are gone. Supposedly the combined therapies will do that for my system.

It is worth a try!

Jim was driving for this trip, and was I glad on the way home! It had been steadily raining, but the heavens opened while we were at the doctor’s office and I could barely see ahead. It was the kind of rain that pounds down hard enough that it bounces, so there were nearly whited-out conditions on the road. And Johnson’s office is across the Ohio River, in Indiana. The only way to get there is across a bridge which is always jammed with traffic. There is only one lane, coming back to Kentucky, for those wishing to get on I-64, so it’s slow-and-go for several miles. Jim made it all look easy, and I had the chance to gaze out the window at the utter beauty of the natural spectacle. Driving over the bridge and looking downriver was especially gorgeous, mist on the water; thirty different shades of gray and brown in the roiled Ohio and in the rolling clouds overhead, layer upon layer.

Jim worked more on his landscaping plans when we got back while I shopped on-line for a computer tote bag. I need a new purse and instead of going the old route of just-a-purse, I would like to have a bag that can carry Trav2 when he arrives, as I often take my laptop with me if I am going to be waiting a while. No luck yet – there are a zillion models out there, but I am looking for the right one!

Jim called bath time and I abandoned the search to enjoy Jim’s and my evening together. After our bath, I spoke briefly to Gary about some L/L matters having to do with the creation of an L/L Research forum site, giving him the OK to go ahead with the discussion he is having with a volunteer who wants to undertake the job. The guy’s letters indicate a loving and dedicated LOO student who really wants to offer a labor of love and hopes to be a web-master for us. We’ll take that one slowly and let things develop organically. We already have a volunteer willing to moderate the forum, Monica L. We shall see what spirit brings!

Jim’s and my evening was relaxing and pleasant. Amy continues to have great information on Democracy Now, facts that no one on the corporate TV stations is mentioning. She really is a national treasure. Today she was focusing on Israel and Palestine and as Papa says, she has a completely different and far more realistic view of Zionism than most, who are afraid of disrespecting the Jewish faith. However, Zionism itself is not religious but political, and their politics in Israel now regarding Palestine have an ugly resemblance to our politics regarding Iraq.

After supper and the Gaia meditation, for which Gary joined us, Jim and I bade him good night and came upstairs for our bedtime kitty conference. We turned out the lights at 11 PM.