Tuesday, April 03, 2007


The warm spell continued today, blessing us with sunshine and the sweet smell of spring. After Morning Offering I spent the morning working on the Aaron/Q’uo sessions. I went through all of Judy R’s comments. So far I still have not found the Rumi reference which Barbara’s channeling source, Aaron, uses in one of our co-channeling sessions. I got a note from Pupie saying that she’s on it. Here’s the reference, in case you happen to know where this poem comes from:

“The moment I heard of his love, I thought
To find the beloved, I must search with
Body, mind and soul.But, no.
To find the beloved,
We must become the beloved.”

Before lunch I went to Holy Monday service at St. Luke’s, greatly appreciating the extra services. I like to keep a holy Lent, and I will be able to attend the Eucharist each day during this Holy Week, something few Episcopal parishes offer.

I got totally distracted from my writing in the afternoon when I opened Chapter Four to begin working on the discussion of personal relationships with others in the orange-ray section and could not find my most recent version.

Absolute panic. What a feeling! I worked for a solid week to get that right.

I spent a fruitless hour searching for it. Then I bethought myself to look again at the manuscript with an eye to finding the right text further towards the beginning of the piece and voila. Somehow, a slug of maybe seven pages of text which I had edited out of the chapter reappeared at its end. How that happened is anyone’s guess. I took an hour and straightened out the files for this writing project. I believe I can now attest that everything in Chapter Four is the Right Stuff.

I looked up “relationship” to find its etymology and was interested to see its connotations are first of all romantic – at first one had relations with mates or spouses, not with blood kin. Of course by the seventeenth century people were using the word to indicate any connection. However the word is a word of attraction – an important realization. Our relationships are usually the end result of an initial attraction.

Before I left the computer for the day I did a tad of e-mail. I wrote a note to our web guy, who has had a death in the family – his beloved computer crashed while he was installing new software. All of our web site material is safely backed up elsewhere, but Ian will be creating a new working system for the next week or so rather than finishing the Book of Days or doing any other work of that kind.

I wrote a note to our City Clerk here in the little village of Anchorage in which we live suggesting a use for some property that has been willed to the city – a summer camp for the kids of this area.

My brother Tommy seldom writes me at all unless he needs to communicate about Christmas plans or relate a family emergency, but he sent me a complete, detailed description of his son, Teddy’s, soccer game, in which Teddy scored two, yes, two, goals against a much bigger school’s team and won the game. Tommy himself was a jock in high school and college, but his sport was cross-country running. He still runs the occasional marathon. I responded with a sisterly Hubba Hubba.

I wrote Dana R to assure her that we have now gotten all the material for her book, The Alphabet Mosaics. She has fulfilled her book contract with her publisher now, having gotten this all together. However she is not at all sure that they will actually publish her book. So she’s asked us to publish for her, whether in print, on the net or both, if Hampton Roads declines the book. It is a magical, wonderful book and we’re glad to stand by. But I believe HR will choose to publish it.

And lastly, I wrote Aaron T, who has been editing my letters of counsel which were on audio-cassette tape. In my current project to be sure all the various creative bits of work I have done for L/L Research, I had written Aaron asking if she would take responsibility, after finishing my tape letters, for editing my e-mail letters of counsel, which are archived by year in “sent” files by Romi. She accepted! It is a large job, as a whole lot of counseling letters have gone out through the years. I am most thankful for her help.

Indeed, we at L/L Research are most rich in volunteer energy. I cast my mind back to last Saturday and Carmen slogging through the work of organizing Papa’s Archive with a big smile on her face, full of great love and good energy, and I just feel so grateful.

Jim got to see his alma mater’s team win the NCAA b-ball championship handily over Ohio State tonight, a most enjoyable experience for him. The same two schools competed for the national collegiate football championship not so long ago, and Florida won there also. They have had a sooooper sports season!!!

The local tongues are all wagging about the possibility that Billy Donovan might accept UK’s bid to move from Florida and take up the Wildcats’ coaching. However Jim is of the firm opinion that he’ll stay at Florida. It does stand to reason. Moving is a drag! And you know that Florida will meet and beat any financial offer from Kentucky.

The Democracy Now program was wonderfully informative tonight, exploring the situation in Iraq. It’s easy to look away from such a disaster, but Amy keeps our feet to the fire, bless her.

I ended the day, after supper and the Gaia Meditation, by removing an armload of winter clothes from my closet. I’ve been week lately, and Jim suggested I do this a bit at a time so as to make it easy on myself. It feels good to remove the wool garments and replace them with lighter clothing.

Some Star Trek Enterprise episodes lulled Jim and me to sleep and we said good night around 11:30.