Saturday, March 24, 2007


I began the day by vastly oversleeping, so was quite late for Morning Offering. I wrote the Camelot Journal entry for yesterday after that and started to edit again on the December channeling session on which I am currently working, but time overtook me and I zipped down the expressway to the Images salon where I get my hair cut by Jazz, a young woman of great talent and pizzazz.

Talk about a disaster! The object was simple: take the green tint out of my hair. I had fun being a Christmas elf and a St. Paddy’s Day gremlin, but three months is enough for a fey hairdo. However, like many things about me, my hair seems to be anomalous. The color is expected to last six weeks; no more. Mine lasted three months and counting. The first, somewhat mild, color remover did nothing.

So the salon tried again, this time with a color remover that smelled like pig farming. Another half hour under the dryer and voila – nothing. Moi, the hair she is still green. They very kindly did not charge me for all the work they did, since it did not work in stripping the green from my hair. Meanwhile hours had flown by. It was fortunate that I always carry a book in my purse. I spent a lot of dryer time!

I was prepared to re-color my hair to match my roots, but instead Jazz suggested giving me a super-short haircut. She has seen a lot of short styles like this in Europe, and I really liked the effect on me. It is very transparent. There is no vanity, just he plain person. I like the look. So it all turned out well!

When I arrived home, still not having eaten lunch, it was already 4 PM. Mick had a very urgent need to get his truck, which had been at a repair shop for the afternoon. Gary had helped him take the truck in while I was gone, but now Gary was totally involved in cooking, so I drove Jim over to the repair shop and we retrieved his all-important work vehicle.

It is amazing to see how suddenly the spring color comes. On my first run down LaGrange Road headed to the salon, I noticed that the Bradford pears were blushing white with new bloom. On my second run, helping Jim, a redbud which definitely had not been in bloom before had burst into that incredible, NOT red but pink bloom that is so saturated with color! What a feast for the eye. And don’t blink - you’ll miss the joy of it.

So I had my lunch at 5 PM! After that, Jim and I bathed and got ready for movie night, a practice we began at Romi’s request. However on three out of the five occasions we have made time for him on Friday night and rented a movie for us to watch, he has decided not to come. So we will talk about that with him this Sunday. All things being equal, we would prefer to have that time to ourselves.

I found some time in the early evening, while Mick was preparing dinner, to write Steve M about creating a game based on the book I am currently writing. It is a fun mental exercise to contemplate how that could be done.

Carmen and Jim and I enjoyed watching the new James Bond film, which was so over the top for ridiculous feats of super-agility as to be cartoon-like. Yet the actor playing Bond was most successful, more so than anyone except Timothy Dalton in being as dangerous on screen as the original Bond, James Bond - Sean Connery. The film was a most enjoyable ride.

We polished off the evening, after the Gaia Meditation and saying good night to Carmen, with watching the Trojans get whipped. I was sorry to see that as the University of Southern California is a team for which Papa roots and I know he was disappointed. He can join Jim and me there – both our alma maters are also out of the tournament.

We enjoyed snuggling with the kitties before saying good night at midnight.