Thursday, March 15, 2007


The day was glorious, the temperature reaching 80 and the sun popping in and out of rapidly changing clouds. After Morning Offering Jim worked for a customer while I wrote the UPI article for this week. I had finished the writing and was just getting it read through for copy errors when my computer quit cold. No article, no computer and no clue! That was my situation.

It was time for a dental appointment, so I left the tangle here and got my teeth cleaned. Jim and I had a good lunch and stretching and then I went back to my broken computer and ganged up on the problem with Gary.

Gary tried fixing the problem himself but was unable to do so. We decided to go for the big guns and Gary took Traveller to Uptech, a computer repair company, which had the computer all the rest of the day, calling just at closing time to say we could pick Trav up. He had a broken power adaptor replaced and now was good as new. Or, my preferred version, they had a prince there who kissed Sleeping Beauty awake again! Gary kindly retrieved the machine while Jim and I bathed.

It was choir practice night, and I sang soprano all night tonight, having been permanently moved from the alto section now at St. Luke’s. I have a mezzo-soprano voice, neither true soprano nor true alto but in between. So I get switched back and forth between the two parts as singing groups need strength in either part. I like singing soprano because it’s so much fun to have the melody and I like singing alto because the inner parts have a more interesting time of it in most pieces. So I am always happy. We are doing a repertoire I have not seen before, and the sight reading is a blast! I do love to sing!

Jim had worked on repairs to our fish pond in the afternoon and had occupied his time while I was at rehearsal by doing laundry and other household chores. We were both quite sleepy. We watched most of a good documentary on John Lennon and the Nixon Administration’s persecution of him, but foiled ourselves by falling asleep part-way through. We eventually awoke, got our supper together and offered the Gaia meditation with Gary before coming upstairs to snuggle with the kitties and coast on CSI to bedtime at 11 PM.