Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Our weather continued to glow with early warmth and light, the temperatures in the seventies today. After Morning Offering Jim and I worked on taxes while Gary worked on the credit cards. As part of tax preparation, we always report to my credit card service bureau what our credit cards are, for the household, Jim’s Lawn Service and L/L Research. Not that the two are the same job, but that they are sort of related the way changing the batteries in your smoke alarm is related to changing your clocks on “spring forward” day. Both taxes and credit cards need to be organized yearly. We spent a productive morning and are about 2/3 through the job now, having only office-in home, tax and tax preparation information to capture.

After a good lunch and stretching, Jim went to a customer’s to repair their stone patio, which had gotten disarranged due to frost heave, and had a good afternoon’s work there under the beneficent sun. I worked through the red ray section, perhaps finishing it! I shall read it over tomorrow after reading the collection of material I have on red ray from the Ra Material one more time. I want to be sure I have given red ray a solid treatment, leaving nothing of importance out.

Having just a few minutes left before bath time, I had a short meeting with Gary and we got the “donate” button on the archive site changed from a thank-you to all who donated in the matching funds campaign to a new chart of ways to donate time, talent or treasure. There will still be a home page button that says “donate or volunteer”, but that presence will be small compared to now. It’s a good change, cleaning up the home page a bit.

I seldom hear from Papa these days, as he has taken to collecting his material for me and sending it all at once, so it was a banner day for me, as getting new material from my teacher is a blessing indeed. Papa sent hundreds of new pages of his thoughts for me to read and ponder, plus some suggested health remedies and a Spanish language CD and calendar. Gracias, Papa!

Jim and I had a quiet evening, being joined for supper and the Gaia Meditation by Gary. Jim and I said good night around 11 PM.