Sunday, March 04, 2007

2007-03-02 and 3

Jim and I traveled from Nebraska back to Kentucky over these two days. The wind was howling and gusting almost the whole way, trying to blow Stanley Outback off the road, but other than that, our driving was unimpeded by any sort of weather-related difficulty. Snow spat around and past us both days frequently, but no accumulation occurred and we drove home without incident.

The clouds were outstanding on this trip! I lived for a few months in 1967 and 1968 in Burnaby, BC, and had a little cabin which overlooked Vancouver Bay. This continuously changing sky drama reminded me of the sweeping clouds over the Bay.

We chose to go a new route home, leaving I-80 at York, Nebraska, on the old Route 81, which goes south to Salina, Kansas, where it connects to I-70. We enjoyed seeing parts of Kansas which neither of us had seen before, rolling, female land, very fertile and much farmed. The energy of the area and its foothills were sweet and we liked the route far better than our usual one until we hit Kansas City’s traffic at rush hour. We must have lost a solid hour in slow-and-go driving. And so we arrived late at the hotel.

This will be our last stay at this particular hotel. The telephones did not work. The bathroom floor was soaking wet with a leak and remained so despite our mopping-up efforts. After Morning Offering, we found we could not order breakfast as the hotel had omitted their room service menu from our room’s supplies. It was discouraging. Next year, we shall try the casino down the road from Columbia, The Isle of Capri in Booneville, MO.

Arriving home after our second day of driving, we found the cats, the house and Gary in fine fettle. What a joy to light at last, sit in my own Mama chair, pat my very own kitties… and promptly fall asleep. Boy, was I tired! I remember little of the evening, except being awakened for the Gaia Meditation. We said good night at 11 PM.