Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Mick and I are now officially immersed in Mom McCarty’s somewhat noisy world. She is fond of watching CNN all night and in the morning until her daytime soaps and game shows kick in, so the TV is always sounding, 24/7. She tops that cacophony off with her police scanner, which squawks piercingly from time to time. It is a sound-saturated environment, something I am not at all used to experiencing.

Mick slept quite late and we did our Morning Offering at almost 11 AM. After that, until lunch time and then after lunch as well, I worked on Jim’s and my worksheet of instructions to our Board of Directors at L/L Research in case of our deaths, updating it extensively. Towards the late afternoon, Jim read the document through and OK’d its contents.

After our stretching exercise routine, Jim went off with Mom to attend to some chores she needed done. I worked a bit on e-mail. Dana R, Rick C, Diane P and Melissa T all had sent good letters and I enjoyed catching up with them. And Lindy T wrote to say that her NC business is now up and running. We have kept up our friendship since 1977, when we met at Andrija Puharich’s “Mind Link”. She was a mere lass then. Now her kids are grown!

I wrote my thanks to Tobey, who is doing the re-listening project and has agreed to host his Law of One database on his own site. It is very good to have that scholarly resource kept safe. He assures me that the move should be painless. I devoutly hope so. My experience with computers tends towards an impression that nothing about them is painless!

Judy R wrote to talk more about her pre-editing on the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues. She is such an excellent volunteer and the best friend ever. I so admire her! She is one of those people who seem so angelic that you keep looking for her wings. Not that she would accept that as true – but it is!

And before I shut down Traveller for the night, I discussed footnotes with Ian! All in all a handsome day. I am so thankful that Romi was able to configure this system to use dial-up. It makes all the difference! However I had forgotten how spoiled DSL makes one. It took forever to download my mail.

For the rest of the evening, we watched a sci-fi block of “Star Trek Enterprise” and a CSI Miami. No Amy Goodman shows here! We had supper, offered the Gaia Meditation and said good night around 11 PM.