Friday, February 16, 2007


As the temperature plummeted even further into single-digit cold, our little household stayed warm and enjoyed a busy day. After Morning Offering, Jim called the vet because our gray-striped tabby tom, Dan D. Lion, has taken to peeing on our rugs. The vet said that it sounded as though Dan D. may have an infection. So Jim took Dan to the vet and sure enough, he had a bladder infection. Jim came home with pills that hopefully will clear that right up.

Meanwhile Gary and I whiled away the morning with a planning meeting. We chewed our way through various topics
- getting together the next Gathering Newsletter
- choosing the session we will use in the next issue of Light/Lines
- initial planning on Homecoming 2007
- selecting a printer for A Book of Days
- finding a permanent place for Tobey W’s re-listening project
- answering Gary’s questions about a dozen or so e-mails from various people so that Gary can respond to them

We had a good lunch together and did our stretching exercises before Jim tackled the job of steam-cleaning all of our rugs, as they have all been anointed lately by Dan. I never thought he could get them all steam-cleaned in one afternoon, but Mick did it!

Meanwhile Gary saddled up to hunt and gather needed groceries, armed with next week’s recipes. I came upstairs for a really good afternoon with Chapter Four of 101: The Choice. By the end of the working day I was completely satisfied with the opening riff on the energy body as a whole, and I believe I may also be one more read-through from being satisfied with the section on red-ray sexuality. Next up is the other red-ray energy, a far more complex one than sexuality – survival. I look forward to getting into that subject.

After a bath together, Jim and I treated ourselves to a Valentine’s dinner at Del Frisco’s. Oh, my goodness, what a delicious meal we had! I brought back the most wonderful left-overs! I’ll be having steak quesadillas for several days! We offered the Gaia Meditation during the meal, very informally.

We snuggled with the kitties and watched some sleepy-time TV before saying good night around midnight.