Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I found, to my delight, that Jim had fixed the latch on the mail box when I braved the icy cold to go retrieve the newspaper and put out the day’s mail. It works better than before! Of such small joys are a peaceful life made.

After Morning Offering, Jim tackled the very last of the silver, working with pieces that are very baroque and curliqued. They are very pretty, but very hard to clean thoroughly as they have so many crevices. Imagine living in a day when these pieces were used, and presumably polished, daily! There is no better way to track lifestyle than to look at our use of possessions, regarding form and aesthetic values versus function and getting it done. My forebears’ lifestyle clearly came with a comfortably adequate serving staff! I do not regret the changes since my grandmother’s day. I’m just glad the silver we have from that period is shining today! Kudos to the best honey-do in the world for giving me that gift!

I tried to talk to my doctor about the nerve pain I am experiencing but was unsuccessful. So I turned for the morning’s work to editing the channeling session transcript which Gary had typed up from the Sunday of the Archetypes Gathering and got that sent off to Ian for placing on site.

Jim and I had a good meal and did our stretching exercises before he returned to house chores and I came up to work on Chapter Four of The Choice 101. The changes I started making the last time I worked are good, and so I continued through the 12 pages I have written so far on this chapter, snugging up the language to reflect the change in emphasis. I am in hopes that I am on a good trail now. I kept having to go back to the beginning of the chapter and start over, as I came up against issues later in the chapter’s writing.

There is a difference between talking about sex and survival, the two energies native to red ray, as they apply in physical life and as they apply to the energy body. I have been changing from looking at those topics in life to looking at them as regards the energy body, and altering the text to deal with the energy body’s needs. This feels good.

I heard from a Spanish cousin today! I knew that my cousin Carlos had a sister, Pastora Rueckert, but had never met her or received mail from her. Thanks to the internet, she has found me, and sent a most charming Spanglish e-mail asking if I was indeed her cousin! Pastora is a photographer and artist living in Europe – she did not say where – and wrote when she came across the llresearch web site. What a treat to meet her!

Dannah R and I conferred further y e-mail about her donation to L/L Research of some of her literary works. She is a strong woman to deal so straightforwardly with these matters while she still feels about half-well. Her cancer is apparently becoming difficult to bear without a lot of pain medication. I told her, just for today, you and I are both in the basket! This nerve pain I am currently experiencing is very distracting.

Gary and I wrote back and forth finding a time to consult, as we have several matters to cover together. We’ll have a planning session Thursday morning. Tomorrow morning will be filled up for me with my UPI article – I want to go deeper on my last week’s column on dignity.

It was very wintry weather and I was glad to stay in for the evening and snuggle up with Mick. We had terrific TV all night. Amy Goodman’s news report was stellar, as usual. And there was a sci fi block we greatly enjoyed watching. To top it all off, after Jon Edwards and the Colbert Report there was a new episode of House, and Gary, Jim and I took that in after offering the Gaia Meditation together. We said good night to Gary at 10 and to each other around 11:30.