Monday, February 12, 2007


Winter gripped Kentucky today, with lowering skies and highs in the low 20s F. Nursing a very sore back and shoulder, I decided against going to church and instead stayed reclined somewhat in my Mama chairs, as that position affords the most relief.

We skip Morning Offering on Sunday Meeting days, since we get a good meditation and do some study during the meetings. Jim tackled his house-husband rounds of vacuum and duster while I came upstairs, after enjoying the Sunday puzzles, and worked on e-mail. First I let my neighbor, Calvin and my choirmistress, Lisa, know that I was going to miss the service, since what the choir sings depends upon who attends. Then I checked the mail from Ian and found that there were several issues needing attention.

I let him know the good news – that Judy R and I have worked out an alternate protocol for doing AQ editing which leaves him completely out of the loop. This is important as he is most busy with, among other things, completing work on the Book of Days. We want him freed up from repetitive chores, which the old protocol would have given him as in the AQ project. Now he is free from that.

Reading the traffic between Ian and Tobey on re-siting the Wiki edition of TLOO upon which Tobey has labored so faithfully, I found that there was a bit I could say, as they were considering what to do. Since there seems to be considerable volunteer energy pointed towards created a new forum site within the year, I suggested that we keep the B4 site open, but move it to the server we use for the llresearch site, which will save us money. Then Tobey’s good work can be placed there. He and Ian were also happily talking about possible changes in format, leaving behind the Wiki software in favor of another data base, and I left them to that discussion, being a technical doofus.

There were about a half dozen question which Ian had concerning the text I had sent him last week for the Book of Days – the old Introduction which I morphed into Appendix A, since it was way too scholarly and dry for a proper introduction to such a sweet and spirit-filled volume. If he likes my changes, we may well be finished with all text for the book except the back cover text which is waiting on Fr. Joe’s comments.

I had thought Gary told me that last Sunday’s channeling transcript was in my Inbox, but it was not. Either I deleted it mistakenly, Gary’s send failed or I was mistaken about his saying he’d finished the transcript, for my Inbox was bare of that document. So I sent him a heads-up in case he has done it and can supply me with it. I expect the Archetype Gathering attendees are waiting for that session, as the question was on the archetypes.

I finished up the morning by letting Gary know what was on my mind for next week’s work. We have a Gatherings Newsletter to cobble together and a Homecoming 2007 to rough out in order to place the first news of it in the upcoming issue. We also need to begin the process of choosing the next issue of Light/Lines’ session. And I need for Gary and I to come to a conclusion on which printer to go to for our Book of Days printing.

Jim and I enjoyed a quiet lunch and then our stretching exercises and a bath together before the meeting. We were joined by Mark G, a very good person and a wanderer, from Tennessee who has become a minister in order to teach the LOO, which he really feels strongly is “the truth”.

It is odd how themes come up in bunches through life. Gary, Jim and I had joined Ian in a spirited discussion last week concerning whether or not the Ra Material was research or some sort of standard against which all other channeling needed to be measured. Now today we received the same theme again from a guy who really wants to make TLOO a Bible. It is impossible to dissuade such people from their belief system. A dogmatic Ra teacher, however, is just as potentially dangerous as a dogmatic Christian, Jew or Muslim teacher and I hope he backs off a bit in his zeal. People need to think for themselves.

Also attending were Carmen and Romi, plus the members of the circle who were listening in via our webcasting. This service has not developed in listenership quickly, but I continue to feel it is a good service nevertheless, following the Ra’s instructions to forget the counting and focus on the service.

After the channeling, which this week was responding to a question from Sandie S on the possibility that 2007 was THE year for the shift, the group had a good conversation. Romi had brought a bottle of delicious wine which we all shared along with cupcakes Carmen had made, which were equally yummy. Carmen worked a bit more on my poetry database, which she has now finished as far as entering texts, snugging up the format, before we sat down to enjoy Gary and Jim’s yummy salmon loaf and mushroom risotto.

All our guests left after the meal, and we were joined soon after by Gary, who had labored all day at Cracker Barrel. He joined us for the Gaia Meditation. Jim and I enjoyed a sweet snuggle with the kitties and distraction-and-sleep TV before saying good night at midnight.