Friday, February 09, 2007


As the weather persisted in single digits and brilliant sunshine, giving us a gorgeous day, Jim and I snuggled up indoors and had the first day of our mini-vacation. We saw two movies, or rather I was awake for the moving film, Take The Lead, the story of Pierre Bulaine, who talked the New York City school system into letting him add dancing and etiquette to the curriculum, and asleep for the filmed story of Esther. That latter movie has a title something like A Night With The King. Those few seconds in which my eyes were open, it looked to be a gloriously elaborate and accurate production.

Jim and I also had a romantic tryst, napped together, read and I played solitaire for a while and knitted while Jim worked on a personal project. It was a great day!

I actually experienced more body aches than yesterday, so perhaps it is wise that I am indeed resting! Jim extended the vacation to include tomorrow and Saturday as well, so I will pray to be better by the Sabbath,

Morning Offering and the Gaia Meditation were offered as always, and Jim and I enjoyed stretching before our bath.

Gary was at work at the admin desk today.