Monday, February 05, 2007


The remaining attendees at the Archetypes Gathering were as slow to arise as Jim and I. We had nothing official scheduled for the group today except to offer our usual Sunday meditation; as it is a channeling meditation Sunday.

Jim and I got things ready in the kitchen for a late brunch and bade Tobey farewell. He had decided to start for home, not knowing just how far h could get along his 8-hours’ journey but wishing to press towards home where he can heal in peace.

We had a good seeking circle of Romi, Ed, Michelle, Tiffani, Ryan (Tiffani’s boyfriend, who had joined us late yesterday), Gary, Jim, Mike and me. The question of the day from the group concerned how to use the archetypes in daily life. I will have to edit the transcript to see how useful the material is.

After we completed our meditation, I came upstairs and slept, a deep sleep expressing my total exhaustion. Jim awoke me for supper and the SuperBowl festivities but I felt perfectly wretched and after the Gaia Meditation, I called it an early night and left the rest of the house to the game and the fun of cheering on your team – Ryan is a Bears fan.

Jim joined me a good deal later, after talking with Mom McCarty, and we snuggled before saying good night.

It has been a great weekend and a good Gathering, and as always when these things come to an end, I feel a bit sad to see the group energy dissolve into the various people going all of their various ways. And yet that is a good thing, with people taking seeds from the experience this weekend and planting them as they go.