Friday, February 02, 2007


The conversation has begun! We started in after Morning Offering doing the last-minute things and I helped cook, so that we had a good turkey feast for this evening’s meal and salads and a soup for our lunches to accompany the various breads, cheeses and deli-type meats we will offer then. I made some brownies for luncheon dessert and Jim put together Gary’s birthday cake for his festival Earth Day on SuperBowl Sunday, which is the last day of our conference.

I also edited an Aaron/Q’uo session once everything was declared done by Mick on the home front, sneaking in a little office work before the onslaught.

People began arriving around 2:00 PM with Steve M’s arrival. Gary retrieved Mike T from the airport within the hour. He had flown in from Florida. He immediately went back to get Tiffani, a veteran of many L/L Research gatherings who hails from Texas. Tobey W. arrived from the east coast. Ed A and his wife – I am blocking on her name - arrived from Tennessee with their infant child, Maya, just about a year old and good as gold. Steve T and his wife, Sara, also arrived, as did Ken and Cindy S. Romi came to make our roster complete. Jim, Gary and I are well joined by a really exceptional group of seekers.

Jim and Gary had removed furniture from our living room to accommodate the extra chairs needed to seat the folks and I have to keep the recliner portion of my Mama chair extended because one cannot work the controls with the chairs butted together so snugly, but I think that once we are all seated, it works well.

We talked around the circle of seeking as our first agenda point, taking all of the time between the opening at about 5:15 to suppertime at around 7:30. I could feel the group knitting together immediately and it bodes very well for the weekend. Conversation flowed throughout the dinner hour. I could feel the whole house starting to glow with the good energy people are sharing.

After supper we worked our way through the material on the archetypical mind within Book IV of The Law of One – that material which focuses on the whole mind of the archetypes and not on any one concept complex. I started with a few remarks and then we read our way through the collected quotes – collected by Tobey W and such a good job this is – and stopping for comments when people had them.

These people have lots of comments! It is a wonderful thing.

We stopped studying long enough for the Gaia Meditation, with Romi offering the closing prayer, and then ploughed right back into the material, not wishing to miss anything while we had such a good discussion group going. We finished around 10:30 PM.

The one difficulty is that one of our attendees, Tobey, pulled up lame just this morning with a bad knee. We got him a crutch so he would be steadier on his pins, as he can put virtually no weight on the bad leg. I offered him our whirlpool or a good soak with bath salts, but he was content to tolerate the condition. He believes it will go away as quickly as it came on, and I do hope he is right.

It was a blessed day and a good beginning to this weekend’s conversation.