Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I hugged my hotpad and took it easy today, hoping to rest and heal from this chest pain. I did almost nothing useful in the outer world today. However, I felt very lifted up throughout the day, as I knew this day was a magical day, dedicated to loving and supporting my own body, which is singing a song of fragility right now. Whenever I had a moment of regret for not being outwardly working, I went back to that consciousness of worth and rightness that goes with trusting that what is being given me is just the perfect gift. It’s not what you do, it’s how you BE! That was my work today. I embraced it.

Gary and I conferred about several matters concerning the upcoming Archetypes Gathering. He created the last three parts of the packet we will give the attendees – the title page, the table of contents and the beginnings of a contact page.

Also, Gary is now organized to get the chakra drawings which Valerie drew for our last Homecoming hung along our stairwell wall, a project that has hung fire for some time. I asked Mick what he needed from Gary in order to finish the hanging of the images and he told me – slats or rods to strengthen the tops and bottoms of the frame-boards for these images and hooks for fastening the images to the walls. Gary will work on that during his day-long Wednesday volunteering stint. I am most glad to get that on his roster of things to do. Gary and Jim also both will do some cooking on Wednesday.

I spent some pleasant time today reading an Ed McBain mystery and playing solitaire. I also collected some images for our solar architect from several Home and Garden-type magazines the people at Absolutely Salon gave me last time I was there. I am making a scrapbook of Jim’s and my favorite styles for exterior and interior walls, cabinets, floor treatments and so forth.

Jim went up to Avalon in the very frosty morning with another half-load of erosion control branches, his last, plus a half-load of firewood. He will be hauling firewood only on his next trip. He has really worked hard on this project and I know he’s tickled to see the end of it, as it has been a long one.

He came home for lunch and we stretched together before he braved the deep freeze again in order to cut up the last of that tree into firewood. He now has his trailer all loaded up for a last trip to Avalon. He will take the DR brush mower with him tomorrow and cut down the jungle of tall weeds which grew up in the garden space Vara made two summers ago. After that garden was finished, the volunteers on Avalon apparently used that space for construction, as it was loaded with all manner of construction debris like nails, fence wire, posts and a lot of scrap metal pieces which kept Jim from being able to cut that area all last summer. Winter has killed the growth and now Jim can see to clear the ground.

It was a quiet evening indeed, but we did not nap as we sometimes do, being in a particularly enlivened mood and greatly looking forward to the discussion on the archetypes that is coming up this next weekend. Both Jim and Gary had comments to make after working with the LOO Book IV material today, so we had a very interesting conversation during supper and before offering the Gaia Meditation, and then continuing on through the next hour or so after the meditation.

We said good night to Gary around 10:30 and had our bedtime snuggle before lights out a midnight.