Saturday, January 20, 2007


Chilly was the day today! I hived in while Jim continued his rounds of errands and household clean-up. In the morning he worked to clear the basement area under the stairwell which had gotten no attention for a couple of years. His goal is to have the whole house and grounds spring-cleaned before the end of his off-season. Kudos to householder Mick!

I worked after Morning Offering to edit Jo D-P’s personal session with Q’uo. The transcriber apparently could not understand the tape well, and it was a slow editing job, as I frequently had to guess from context what the Q’uo group actually said. I believe the transcript is faithful in that sense, but it really needs a re-listening somewhere down the road to get all the words.

I liked the material in that session and synchronistically found a little quote within its pages which I can use in my present writing on Chapter Four.

After lunch and our stretching exercise, Jim headed out to pick up some repaired tools and do some work for a customer. I worked on Chapter Four. It is not flowing yet. I did write some new material that stayed! At least, I like it so far. But something is not clicking yet. I shall persevere.

Gary was not able to pick up a shift at Cracker Barrel today as he intended to do, so he spent the day doing the shopping and cooking to prepare food for next week. He and Jim have thought ahead and are making double recipes, so after the Archetypes Gathering the household will have food for that next week. Smart guys! The kitchen smelled wonderful all afternoon.

Gary is very thoughtful. I had asked him to pick up the ingredients for making Melissa T’s wonderful artichoke-spinach dip, a concoction that is baked and tastes heavenly. I had thought to offer it in the evening as we had guests coming. When I went down to make that recipe at the end of my working day, I found that Gary had already made it up! So I got to work an extra half-hour on the Choice 101 book.

After a wonderfully refreshing bath with Mick, I sat for a while, as I have needed to do for the past several months, to recover. I suppose it is the anemia, but after a bath I seem to be in a state of light shock for a while, my pulse rises to 130 or so and my awareness is very dim. I look forward to leaving these symptoms behind. Meanwhile, I rest a bit after my daily ablutions and get my breath back!

Jim and I enjoyed Democracy Now before coming downstairs to greet Carmen. Romi also was slated to join us, but was feeling under the weather, so he cancelled. Gary, Mick, Carmen and I watched a movie, The Great Train Robbery with Sean Connery and Donald Sutherland. It was a beautiful production, with period details both in costume and setting that were amazingly detailed and accurate. It made for a very stylish show and we enjoyed it.

I took up my knitting while we conversed afterwards. The baby blanket now has about three inches to it! We shared a late supper and the Gaia Meditation before saying good night to Carmen and Gary and coming upstairs at 10 PM. Lights-out was early tonight, about 11 PM, as we were both quite weary.