Thursday, January 18, 2007


The IC woke me early today and was active throughout the day, slowing me down a lot. I kept at the desk work today, spending the morning writing a good long letter to Mom DeWitt, my mother in law from my first marriage. She is now in a nursing home 35 miles away and I have not felt safe driving that far by myself, both because of the bladder spasms and because of the side effect they often have of making me dizzy. So getting off a loving letter to her was first on my correspondence list. Normally I hand-write personal letters. However Mom can barely see because of macular degeneration, so I typed the letter and printed it out at 26-point font size.

I had a screw-up with the printer up here that made me giggle. I did not realize that the printer was not plugged in to my computer’s USB port and kept asking it to work when it could not. I finally figured that out, plugged the printer back in to my computer and the printer took of printing everything. I hastily got into the printer’s program and cancelled the pages that I could, since I had asked the printer to print multiple times.

I wasted about six sheets of paper of what was printed. The reason? The printer was now out of toner and nothing was printing clearly. I finally got that worked out just in time to leave for a lunch meeting with our woman of business, Doris S. It was a most helpful meeting. She went over all our finances and explained how to proceed with acquiring the money to pay these construction costs. I never heard of a “line of credit mortgage” but that’s the way it is usually done.

Unfortunately a really rough spasm caught me while at that meeting and I was rendered far less intelligent than I need to be to work on the book during the remainder of the afternoon, so I dealt with other things when we got home instead.

It turns out, I found as Larry M and I corresponded, that UPI’s web mail is not always getting to its people – a serious glitch. That is why my last two articles were not published. I really need to check to make sure they are up on the UPI site! I generally do not do that. Larry thinks they have it fixed now. Larry published the first article today and will publish the second one next week. I am doing a series on the archetypes – a natural subject about which to think and ponder as we prepare here for the Archetype Gathering in a couple of weeks.

I had decided to change my choice for the UPI 2006 sampler to the three-part series I did on Indigo Children last night, going to sleep. Larry independently wrote and said he thought that series would be my best choice for the sampler, which made me feel validated. Getting that ready to send in will be tomorrow morning’s first piece of work.

Monica L had been going to call this morning about creating a L/L Research forum website but she did not, and wrote to say she would e-mail me before calling. I sent her back suggestions for the best times to call.

I fielded a request from Kathy R to be added to the UPI send list and forwarded that to Gary, who does that “send” each week.

Gary sent me a notice he received which advertises the film for which I was interviewed in June, 2005, in Britain. The web site for it is It looks like it will be a smashingly good film. I am listed as one of the people interviewed, which is why the ad got sent to Gary. I recommend checking this web site out. The film-maker, a woman doing this project all on her own, is soliciting funds so she can finish the filming.

Lastly, I chatted by e-mail with Ian concerning a new link I asked him to put on the llresearch site for Gina Jones, whose book, Flying Between two Worlds, includes many principles from the Law of One material, which inspired her book. I look forward to reading the book. She says Jim Carrey has optioned a screenplay based on the book, but is not yet satisfied with the screenplay. If Carrey’s production company ends up taking the film on, we shall need to send him some of our new “All Is One” L/L Research tee shirts.

After an early bath I was off to serve at a church tea, a fund-raiser for the Episcopalian-founded orphanage here in Louisville – a worthy cause indeed. There was also a bourbon tasting, which I greatly enjoyed. I was the money girl at the door and collected a handsome sum, over a thousand dollars, during the tea.

I went right from that to choir practice and then from choir practice to a night of jazz at Clifton’s. We love Walker and Kays and catch a set as often as we can. It was a fine evening and we drove home through crystal-clear air, the night stars twinkling away in the cold night. We offered the peace meditation on the way. We arrived home weary and ready to snuggle down with the kitties. We said good night around 11 PM.