Thursday, January 11, 2007


Our little household woke to icy winds and frost on the mailbox. It’s about time! I know Romi is doing his happy dance and hoping for snow! After Morning Offering Jim worked to clean the gutters and other leaves away at the Hoge House, which is part of St. Luke’s campus, while I came upstairs and spent the morning writing a follow-up article for UPI on the archetypes. It was a great exercise to follow just one small thread of thought a little way. I chose to focus on sexual roles and images and had a good time thinking and writing.

After I ate one last left-over meal from my delicious steak at The Cheesecake Factory, Jim and I stretched and then Jim worked to build the stone “legs” for a big stone bench he is creating in our side yard. Meanwhile I worked more on Chapter Three. I am getting closer to the flow I want. I am not there yet. Writing about the mind/intellect versus consciousness is tricky. Pop psychology divides the human brain into left-brain, which takes up all of the mental brain functions, and right-brain, which takes up things like artistry, insight and intuition. However I do not believe that is correct. I believe consciousness comes from far beyond our little intellects, whether right- or left-brained.

Gary let me know that we had received a further $200.00 from people in 2006, so I shall let our benefactor know he has a few more funds to match! I had also asked Gary to finish his CD listening for Rick’s re-mastering project and I am sorry to say that Gary seems to have misplaced that material. I shall need to ask Rick to re-send everything.

Jim called bath time while I was still fiddling with this section of Chapter Three, so I laid it away for the night and had a great whirlpool, warming up at last – I had been chilly all day. I attended choir practice while Jim did a host of small chores around the house. We rendezvoused for supper, the Gaia Meditation, with me offering the closing prayer, and then a romantic tryst and a bedtime snuggle with the kitties.