Saturday, January 06, 2007


I am slowly finding a better way to manage my present illness! I’m juiced about that! I have been doing my creative work in the morning hours, as I am predictably sharpest early in the day. This IC condition is most active in the morning, however, so I have lost a lot of creative time lately. This was my second day of working on the book project in the afternoon, when I am freer of symptoms, and I think it is a good improvement in being productive with my time.

After Morning Offering, Jim and I drove his truck and my car to the repair shop, where his truck’s axle and wheel bearings were replaced. My musical ear had detected a problem riding in his truck, and fortunately he listens to me, unlike many husbands and men in general. Sure enough, he was riding for a fall, and it was very good that he got the truck in when he did.

When we came home, I cleared away details in the office for quite some time, filling out warranty forms for Christmas presents, filing the instruction manuals, finding folders for new 2007 records and locating a portable filing unit to hold the 2006 files until we have finished doing tax preparation work. Jim started taking down the decorations, removing all the gay Christmas cards from their perches along our doorways.

I came upstairs before lunch to write a thank you note to send to all the donors in the Matching Funds Campaign. Gary has located all the snail mail addresses and prepared tax receipts. I imagine we will get those letters signed and sent out tomorrow. I also wrote Bill H that we had exceeded our cap of $5,000.00 by $522.25. He wrote back quickly to let us know how pleased he was with the good campaign. He will match all the funds! We are truly blessed with this outpouring of support and I take it as great encouragement to keep the pedal to the metal on this project.

Jim fixed me a wrap sandwich using some of our Christmas ham for lunch. May I digress on the subject of hams? My Mom always swore that the picnic butt – as that cut used to be called – with the bone in, baked slowly, was the best of all hams. We do not indulge in pork very often, but both my brothers adore ham, so we offered it as one of our Christmas meals. Oh my, but that is good stuff! I will enjoy finishing up those leftovers!

I got a call from Sandie S just as Jim and I finished stretching. I am sorry to report that she is leaving town. Darn! I had a new consignment shop to explore with her! Of all my present girlfriends, she is the only one who likes consignment shopping. I swear by it! I love good clothing and have a good deal of it already. By shopping consignment only, I can enjoy getting some really nice new things for very little money. I only spend gift money on clothing. That way, I can enjoy my wardrobe guilt-free.

Sandie will continue to offer her two wonderful e-mags, Planet Light Worker and Children of the New Earth, from her new base in California. And we will continue to be involved together in Jean-Claude K’s new web site project, the Transformation Portal.

And I shall go consignment shopping by myself!

I spent the rest of the day on Chapter Three of the Choice 101 book, working on the concept of love/light and how it enters our energy bodies. It was a good writing session. It ran late because we were interrupted mid-afternoon by a surprise visit from Eric S and his Mom. Eric is Jim’s neighbor from the years he spent in his home-made cabin on Hummingbird Mountain near Lebanon, Kentucky, back in the seventies. Eric still lives in that area.

We had a good visit, but both Mick and I were chafing at the bit, wanting to move on with our own work for the day. Fortunately, we were able to do that, as Jim’s truck was finished and Gary and he went to collect it, while I finished my work on Chapter Three for the day.

After that we enjoyed a quiet evening, with Gary offering the ending prayer at the Gaia Meditation. We all sought our beds around 11 PM.