Thursday, January 04, 2007


Frost and brilliant sunshine greeted us this morning. We enjoyed Morning Offering together before Jim headed out to do chores outside and I came upstairs to write the UPI article for this week. I enjoyed mulling over some of the Ra quotes on the archetypes as I prepared for the writing. It is not the most grateful subject for a short and simply written column – which is what I am supposed to write – but I liked the article when I finished it.

Gary sent out a letter to my UPI send group, asking them what their favorite column was this year. So far, with a gratifying number of replies, not one person has chosen the same column. I think this is a good thing, as it means that the columns hit different people as they go through different stages and occasions of life. It does not make it easier to choose one column for inclusion in UPI’s 2006 sampler, however.

Pam, our bookkeeper, was hard at work today, resolving a glitch in our household account which has been there since the beginning of her tenure here. I was thrilled to see that she has now gotten the account balanced and in agreement with the bank! Go Pam!

She and Gary were both working on the final tally for the matching funds campaign. It is a total of about $5500.00. Isn’t that a marvelous outpouring of support? I had thought that it was almost $7000.00 but then discovered that Pam was adding in the first part of the Hay Fund’s matching funds! That won’t work! Gary worked all afternoon on getting the addresses together so we can write everyone who donated a good thank you note along with their tax receipts.

In the afternoon, after a good lunch and stretching with Mick, he went about his work with the boundary issue. The one thing we still have on our boundary with our neighbor to the south is a brick walkway which curves right to the property line as it embraces Jim’s rock work, a mound of stone planted with perennials, to the south. Jim dug all the bricks of the walk up and moved them to the northern, inside curve of the mound. He had not finished re-doing all the brick work when the light failed, but had made great progress.

I worked to complete the e-mail sweep, and finally did get momentarily caught up with old e-mail. Naturally, by the end of the day I had a couple dozen new e-mails, responding to my letters, but in my fevered brain, those do not count! Now the only old e-mail I have concerns editing various transcripts. It’s a victory of sorts.

By late afternoon I was in that state of “sleepy stupid” which I have come to associate with this interstitial cystitis, so I relaxed into the need to sleep and napped until bath time. In the evening Jim and I took in a set of Walker and Kays at Clifton’s and offered the Gaia Meditation in the car coming home. Jim watched football and I dozed after we came home, until lights out around 11 PM.