Thursday, December 21, 2006


After Morning Offering Jim continued cooking, preparing almost the last of our meals to be frozen until my family arrives in force on the 26th. As for me, I had a tough morning and did virtually no work for L/L Research, although I was certainly doing inner work!

Jim and I had lunch together and then he took me to see Dr. Aboud, as I was feeling faint and dizzy. Dr. Aboud confirmed that I had every expectation of feeling ill, what with the rheumatoid diseases, the interstitial cystitis, the acute anemia and all the strong medications, especially anti-inflammatories, which I need to take in order to control these various symptoms, which are trying to worsen. She said that lab tests show the anemia and other anomalies in my blood are correcting slowly on their own and so she prefers to let nature build me back up rather than give me a transfusion in the hospital.

While I was at the doctor’s Jim did errands for his lawn service business, dropping off his trailer to be repaired. When we came back home, Jim was off on a campaign to chip, shred and crunch all remaining debris in the yard. It is wonderful to see the yard come into its own, as much as it can in the “bleak midwinter” with its leafless trees and lack of blooms.

I took the remainder of the afternoon off and just went to bed. It was a good decision. I benefited greatly from the rest.

Jim and I had a lovely whirlpool together and Jim rested with me, watching TV, while I mostly snoozed the early evening away. We went back downstairs at 7 PM for a good supper and conversation with Romi, who was visiting, and Gary. Now there’s a good group for the discussion of metaphysical topics! Jim and I could not ask for better company. We offered the Gaia Meditation at 9 PM, with Romi offering the closing prayer.

There was a two-hour episode of “House” which we beheld together before the group went their separate ways and Jim and I came upstairs for a bedtime snuggle with the kitties.