Monday, December 18, 2006


I think this is the last day of Summerland shirtsleeve weather here in Kentucky, and it was splendid to enjoy it! Jim cleaned the house in the morning, also starting on the living room for an early “spring cleaning” in honor of the Rueckert clan’s coming visit which begins the day after Christmas. Meanwhile I whiled the morning away with choir practice and then sang the service at St. Luke’s. I stuck around to sell CDs of the St. Luke’s choir’s concert after the service, collecting another couple of choir robe’s worth of sales money. It is good to see it adding up. We only have 4 CDs left!

After our Taco Bell take-away lunch Jim and I bathed together and then napped briefly before joining the guests for this week’s Public L/L Meeting. Romi had come over early in the afternoon to set up for the broadcasted channeling session. He really prepared well! At the very last minute, the mike that had tested fine a moment ago failed, but Romi had a back-up mike and so the broadcast was able to go on. Carmen also came over early to work on her volunteer project, which is to enter my lifetime’s worth of poems and songs into the computer.

The question asked of the Q’uo group today was about teaching and learning. I think it was an interesting session, but will know more when it is transcribed. We had 13 joining us this week on the internet, as supposed to 5 last week. As happened the last time we did a series of these broadcasts on the internet, the audience grows with each broadcast. It is a good feeling to offer this channeling live, as there is an extremely positive energy that is carried by the channeling, regardless of the topic of their discussion, and it is as easily felt over the internet as locally. It is a blessing to be able to share that energy. The affection and compassion which the Q’uo group has for all of us is palpable, a real teaching in how to be love.

We enjoyed Romi’s traditional Love Tea after the session. While Jim called Mom McCarty, Gary, home from a hard shift at Cracker Barrel, joined Carmen, Romi and me for a good conversation and, eventually a feast. It was soon time for the Gaia Meditation, with Gary offering the closing prayer. At about 10 PM the party broke up and Jim and I came upstairs for a romantic tryst and a kitty-cat-snuggle before bedtime around midnight.