Thursday, December 07, 2006


The day dawned clement and cloudless, the sunshine touching the mathematically exact grid of wide, wide streets and modest homes of Lexington, Nebraska with sweet generosity. After Morning Offering I had to hustle to write my UPI article for the week because of the time difference. We are on central time here, and so my deadline was 11 AM instead of noon.

We had received a good channeling on November 12th and I thought it would be good to share some of those thoughts, so I wrote the article about creating the new earth experience.

Meanwhile Jim was working to finish the Christmas cards, having determined that the cards were, indeed, over one ounce each. He applied the extra stamps and sealed everything up. We took the cards to the post office and got them all mailed off. I just love that moment in the season of Advent when we send those cards off. More than anything else except the sacred worship of Christmastide, it represents to me the inner reason for Christmas, the need to connect together the network of light in our life represented by those we love so dearly. Greeting everyone is a pure and healing pleasure.

Jim needed hitch pins for the trailer he hauls his Jim’s Lawn Service equipment in and we went to the local farm supply shop to get a new supply. While we were there, Jim got me a present – a cowgirl outfit. I now own a beautiful Wrangler cowgirl shirt with snaps and cowboy tailoring, but in a feminine, pretty plaid. What a treat! These shirts are sturdy and warm and I shall enjoy having and wearing one.

Jim and I spent the rest of the afternoon playing a game of Trivial Pursuit, which I greatly enjoy playing, as I learn so much. I am not very good at it and generally Jim wins every game. He did so today!

I spent my evening working on a letter to Papa and then reading while Jim and Mom watched TV. After the Gaia Meditation I found myself drowsing in my chair, and Jim finally woke all of us up when he awoke himself around 10:30 and we all found our beds.