Tuesday, December 05, 2006


After Morning Offering I fiddled with the computer until I recalled just how to use the dial-up connection to the internet and posted the Camelot Journal entries for the last three days of travel and adventure.

I worked on the letter to send with the Christmas cards, but did not finish it. There’s some ineffable spirit missing that needs to be there before I am pleased with it. I’ll take another tilt at it tomorrow.

I checked the e-mail and found a question from Ian on the method of dating each of the readings in the Book of Days. We settled on a very plain style, using just the date, like January 1, and then the title of the reading, for each day.

Other than that I was of no earthly use! I napped lavishly, although I did not intend to, and enjoyed reading while Jim and his Mom watched news, soaps and sports, which is what Mom loves to do all day, every day.

In the evening we took Mom to the best restaurant within fifty miles, Grandpa’s Steak House in Kearney, Nebraska, for her birthday dinner celebration. It was delicious food and a beautiful ride under a full and glowing moon in the deep-indigo of the winter sky.

We offered the Gaia Meditation in the car coming home, and found ourselves once again dozing by 10 PM, which is 11 PM Kentucky time, so we all said an affectionate good night and sought our beds.